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To say cleopatra had Greek ancestors therefore she is white is fascinating
1 . Europeans have African ancestors but they are not called black

2. Cleopatra existed before the Greek we know today was a thing . She existed so very long ago that her ancestors are beyond ancient . And they most certainly did not loook the way Greek people look now, so why say Greek as though it holds any relevance

May I remind you that black people come in all colours from extremely dark to light . It does not change the fact that they are black or African . SHE WAS AN AFRICAN QUEEN . They could have found an African woman who looked like her to play her there are many
The important thing to remember is that like women today she had a vagina.
And that's what caused the men around her to self destruct.
Had they only realized that every other female they knew were similarly equipped much strife could have been avoided.
Pussy is pussy. It's all in what you do with it.
pagandad · 61-69, M
Knock off the revisionist history. Cleopatra was a Ptolemy, descended from one of Alexander's generals who took over Egypt when Alexander died. Alexander and Ptolemy were Macedonian. Alexander had BLOND HAIR. He spoke a dialect of Greek, easily readable by anyone who has studied classical Greek, which is VERY similar to modern Greek. Cleopatra was Caucasian. In fact the Egyptians were Semitic, and were also mostly of Caucasian racial lineage, especially the upper classes. You may not be taught this today because it is no longer "politically correct," but it is fact. There WERE great civilizations in Africa proper, civilizations founded by Negroes, not Caucasians. Sadly there are no written records from these civilizations, just the remains of their constructions and their artifacts, so not as much is known about them. The one exception is the people of Kush, the neighbors of Egypt to the south, who actually conquered and ruled over Egypt for some years. Study some REAL history, and put aside the "politically correct" fairy tales. You might be happily surprised.

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