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Clear Version: Donald Trumps Full Horoscope Inferance and Marriages
So, this is the Horoscope. You wont understand anything from the chart, so I will summarize the points below.
[b]Inferances Listed:
[/b]1.South Node(Ketu) + Moon ( Disconnection from Mother), his mom fell sick when he was 2 years old.No mention of Mary Trump ever by Donald
2.Jupiter the planet of expansion in 2nd house of family , multiple families, divorces
3.Saturn (Malefic) + Venus(Love/Marriages). Disconnection from Marriage, Spouse, Divorces
4.Venus in 12th House of Foreign or Exoticism, Venus=Love. Spouses who are from a Foreign culture. Ivana and Melania are exotic to Anglo Saxon Culture.
5.Sun in 10th House of Karmasthana(Work), Solar Energy in the house of Public Responsibility.President of USA.
6.Rahu ( North Node) also in 10th House of Public responsibility, Rahu is a Poseur and is not legitimate.Rahu(Trump) gate crashed into Presidential Race as a man of the people vs Career Politicians(Legitimate Holders)
7. Rahu in 10th House, is also Taboo in full public view, since 10th house is public responsibility. Trumps statements about his Daughter is Taboo.
The below is his Navamsha Chart of Marriage, lets analyse his Marriages

*Navamsa Ascendant is Virgo(Look at the sign of ASC), 7th House from Virgo is Pisces. So in the first Marriage Trump is Virgo and Pisces is Ivanna Trump.As you can see, sheltering cool rays of moon in Pisces, Ivanna bore him 3 Children and Pisces is a harmonious ascendant.Trump though was Virgo, Virgo is the house of a virgin with the mentality of a college girl(or a slut), complaining, scrutinising, cheating, betraying, being a servant or in servitude. Trump cheated on Ivanna with his future wife Marla Maples.Also, in Ivannas Pisces you can see Ketu or South Node of disconnection from the marriage.Also Trump in that phase was in servitude to Fred Trump, his Father.

*2nd Marriage (Marla Maples)
For every marriage you shift one position from the Ascendant. So in his 2nd marriage, Trump is in Libra and Marla Maples who is 7th from Libra is in Aries. Libra is the house of communication, media and messaging. Trump was a career Media artist during that time.Marla's aries is ruled by Mars and Marla was known for her physical or Martial body and looks, was also an actress. Her Lord, Mars is posited in Taurus, which is governed by Saturn. So a Martian Spirit in Saturnian settings, Marla was never happy and her Martian spirit led her into experimentation and finally she cheated on Trump.

*3rd Marriage (Melania Trump)
This time, Trumps ascendant becomes Scorpio, Vengeaful. His anger against Obama is what led him into the Presidential race and Melania Trumps would be 7th from Scorpio, which is Taurus. Taurus is Saturnian, Measured and home based.It fights for the defence of the Motherland (Wife of the President) and is associated with herds, hoards and wealth.
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jhontomreturns131-35, M
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