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House in holding!!!!
We sold our house found some buyer.
They hired a Pendejo Inspector, he had put bizarre thoughts into their heads. He had a plumber check the sewer line out to the alley. I don't believe the guys line n camara were long enough to do do.
This jerk has been holding up our process!! He's over zealous to make money for himself.
We need to speed up this deal we have another house we already got and need this one current to move!
I HATE these INSPECTORS!!! They only cause problems....dam Flunkies
Buying and selling real estate is something I'm very familiar with. I'm sorry you're so frustrated. The inspectors are paid to do a job. More than likely, the buyers are looking for a monetary concession from you. Depending upon what they ask for, if you feel it's too high and they aren't willing to negotiate, hire your own plumber/inspector to review the findings.

Just an FYI, for future sales, personally, when I sell a home, the first thing I do is pay for my own inspection, write on the report "as is" on any issues that are found which I don't want to pay to fix, and submit the report to prospective buyers. It allows them to see everything up front, keeps them from nickel and diming you to death, and makes the sale go through on time for the agreed upon price.
DoctorZuniga · 61-69, M
Let the buyer know immediately that the inspection will have absolutely no effect on the price, regardless of what is found. Also offer to let them out of the contract possibly with a forfeit by them of part or all of the earnest money.
Scoping the sewer lines is a common thing these days when inspecting a house. I'm surprised he had a plumber do it. Most competent inspectors have their own equipment to scope the sewers.

When buyers are considering the "biggest investment of their lives"....they want as much information as possible.

We had a neighbor that recently sold his house and upon scoping the lines they found they had a "kink" in the sewer line so they had to dig it up and replace that section.... $3600.00 which they paid half and the buyer paid half.

As harry said... it is wiser to have your own inspection done when you list the house.... thereby allowing you to "as is" line items and also allowing you to perhaps set a tighter price window.
aradia11 · 56-60, F
[@31253,Threepio] We ended up giving the buyers a credit therefore they can have it done. We've done A LOT to this house all plumbing and electrical are in good standing etc... We're actually selling for lower value. Just want to be done...

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