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Is it ghosts are white and demons are black
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Oct 31, 2016
SW User
whatever colour crayons you want to use
AnukBinary · 36-40, M
Some of The worst demons I've seen were pure white
AlmightyLoad · 22-25
AnukBinary · 36-40, M
@WaterSpirit: I didn't ask it its name😁
No for real though. The house I jus moved out of had wild constent activity. I lived there for 6 years 5 years alone.. And it was 3 level town home. The lady who lived there before me was a witch not to be mistaken for a wiccan.. Anywho each level had its own kind of demon colonies I guess.. The basement was full of misery, confusion regret, and lonely sadness.. The main floor was full of mini shadow people who were always running around like curious little creators. And in the kitchen was a biggy fatty one.. The top floor and where the bedrooms were is where the pure evil lingered.. One looked like black smoke and another looked like a guy wearing a crocodiles suit.. Then there was the giant white glow one. Who only came around every once in awhile.. When it would come around all the constant residential demons would freak the f**k out don't know if it was excitement or fear. The white was so intense it would make my soul feel like it was going to pass out. it's spiritual pressure was way too much. I would either have to leave or hide under my covers for real with the door shut and be in pain.. the crazy thing was none of them could go to any other levels of the house I don't know why.. oh I forgot to mention everyone that lived in that house I've gotten divorced and the woman ran out except for the witch..
SW User
The last demons i saw were deep purple..
This message was deleted by its author.
Not always.
berangere · 80-89, F
Demons can appears as Angels of light.So it does not always follow.
EvexxEyes · 36-40, F
cycleman · 56-60, M
Pink polka dots with yellow ears and red noses brighter then rudolphs!

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