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I was a legal slave by choice
Today being Halloween and all, I thought of posting a story that has been haunting me for a few years now.... I think it was a reason for my mom' s suicide, and well it is how I got pregnant with a fatherless child. But as every silver line in a dark cloud , my daughter has been a true gift from God . As I mentioned in previous experiences, my mom was a hippy, and through out my childhood I was exposed to her behavior of being nude and pleasuring men... in her defense she did try to shield me from all the madness. This is why I spent the majority of my childhood in boarding schools away from home. But the first time I tasted true freedom when I was 16 and when I was home for the school vacation, I was finally and legally permitted to attend a hippy gathering... obviously with my mom. It was here where I had the first tast of being topless and groped by men.... although I was not allowed to consume alcohol, my mom on the other hand was drunk and nude. She even had sex with men far younger than her and spent the rest ofthe night lying at the doorstep .she was 33 at the time. The next morning she had realized what she had done and told me that being a hippy was not something she wanted me to be. Although it was too late and I loved this life style all together. Fearing that I would expose my self again. My mom sent me to an all girls strict Muslim boarding school. Here we were cut out of the outside world. The dress code was strict and the staff had only female workers and teachers. Also I should mention that I'm part Muslim. All mobile phones and electronic devices were prohibited. And the only means of communicating with home was through written letters. ............ It was here that I met a student cult called by a silly Arabic name that I don't remember. How ever members belived that a woman's way to paradise or heaven was by pleasuring men. For the most part this was an innocent group that would discuss the duties of a wife and mother, but members were encouraged to marry older men and preferably men with more than one wife. As stupid as this may sound it this is true.... anyway because I was half Muslim I was a misfit amount this cult... how ever there was another half Muslim girl who became my best friend. She was some one who took the ideology of the cult to the extreme. She would tell me stories of sex slaves of Arab who were treated as a mans property..... and who would be used by many men with her masters permission. As stupid as this may sound she was very serious about this and was planning to become a legal slave.... she was studying liberal arts so she obviously knew more than the law than I did...and I knew she found a loophole through the law for someone to become a slave........ this was very appealing to me. And it felt even more adventures than being a hippy......... I guess you liked the story or thought it was stupid, or I was nuts.... but I can't let it get too long, so I'll be posting it in parts so plz let me know if you wanna reed more..... I'll see you soon with an update.馃槶
26-30, F
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joggie41-45, M Best Comment
hey thats great story, please let me know its complete version, i will be waiting for it ok ???
SW User
I think you're insane?
lisasama26-30, F
With a childhood like mine, try not to be? This was long ago... I'm much more subtle now......
firefall61-69, M
geez. Paragraphs are your friend. tl;dr
firefall61-69, M
@lisasama: smaller blocks -within- the specific text you post in one story/group

Like this

then this
lisasama26-30, F
Hmmmmm and what did ya think of me story?
Imherefkrawhile41-45, M
@lisasama: it was a lot to read my add kicked in lol but you are wonderful and beautiful
Imherefkrawhile41-45, M
You're a wonderful beautiful woman 馃槉
walabby61-69, M
This was in Sri Lanka..? It sounds an interesting country.. :)
BonkerBandar26-30, M
I definitely wanna read more
offingg26-30, F
Obviously a lie,calm down dude
joggie41-45, M
hey thats great story, please let me know its complete version, i will be waiting for it ok ???
offingg26-30, F
There's no such thing as a half Muslim, you probably made all of this up.
lisasama26-30, F
In India and Sri Lanka .... Muslim is a rase.... just google it?
offingg26-30, F
@lisasama: Interesting that you can be half a religion in another country, lol. You're a liar.
lisasama26-30, F
No you can be half a rase.... Muslim is a rase! Where I come from.

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