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Do you know why you're on here?
There's just pedos, over privileged emo girls that feel entitled to everything, idiots, people that act like high school kids. People all just well below worth speaking to, such not wasters (because I'm a waster) but.. The word must be idk people that feel so accomplished but spend all their time on here.

I don't why I'm here, I'm just thinking if you can tell me why you are here I might understand why I am..
22-25, M
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SW User
Because I hate myself and need a distraction from myself so I don't go back to mutilating myself. I'm also lonely. Sound good? Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
DailyInternetDose · 22-25, M
I have nothing you want you have nothing I want just block me. How many of your posts have I commented? ZERO. You are not wanted and I despise your kind
SW User
It's cute that you pretend that this is anything more than a game for either of us. Sweetpea, good trolls are supposed to be subtle. I don't respect you enough to waste my energy hating you. Go to bed.
Peaceful · F
@DailyInternetDose: she's one of the nicest members on here. You sir, are an asshole. And talking about raping women if you could get away with it? Beyond disturbing. Maybe have a real hard look in the mirror and figure out what the fuck is wrong with you.
SW User
To get lucky.
Peaceful · F
I'm on here to help people, sometimes through humor or asking questions that help bring people together.
I'm here because every post I read reminds me not to kill myself, because there may be a hell and it may be an eternity of reading this garbage nonstop.
SW User
So I don't feel so alone. It's nice knowing that I'm not the only walking disaster out there
DailyInternetDose · 22-25, M
I guess that might be why I'm here
This message was deleted by its author.
I'm here because I don't like my life...hate it probably, nobody from real life is here so I just go on with all the random crap I post and comment lol
SW User
But why?
Azrael · F
I guess I'm here so that I don't feel so lonely and depressed. This place reminds me that I have to be strong because some people on here are going through worse things in their lives and surviving.

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