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Ever messaged someone thinking it was someone else & you don't realize it til the next day? LOL
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Oct 29, 2016
SW User
Oups.. I did that earlier with sona lol
SailorMarz · F
LOL what did you say
SW User
That my coworkers said the same lol
SW User
@SailorMarzz: had a bad day at work.. if not for B.. it would have been desastrous day... i may be suspended at work for something that went wrong 😔
Lizabee · F
I usually catch it sooner than that and I've been lucky they haven't been too bad 😜
SailorMarz · F
Mines weren't bad either but its still awkward lol
Lizabee · F
@SailorMarzz: Oh yeah 😳
Malchya · M
Yeah! I had, at her request, taken a picture of myself nude and aroused. I sent it to her. Except, as I found out the next day, it wasn't her... I had sent it to one of my other facebook friends by mistake...
SailorMarz · F
Malchya · M
@SailorMarzz: Well, I am an exhibitionist, so I didn't mind that much. It was one of my daughter's friends, though, so I was afraid it might embarass her. But her friend was really cool about it.
HoraceGreenley · 51-55, M
Yes. And my mother is going to kill me!
Fangirlsarah1996 · 22-25, F
I did once on EP...that was when I did "pervy RPs" all the time lol

Sometimes I had serious conversations in other tabs time...I was typing in the serious convo...but I thought it was the pervy tab xD
SailorMarz · F
Fangirlsarah1996 · 22-25, F
It was only slightly awkward! 😁

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