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Are you bored with SW?
Is this place realllly boring ...
So many friends from EP have left.. well not left cos you cant... but they never log on anymore.....
I am lucky though, in that I have a special friend on here .. and i didn't have that on EP so.....Im lucky.... If it wasnt for her I think I would be gone!! (well not gone cos you cant go)..
41-45, M
3 replies
Oct 24, 2016
Jeephikelove · 41-45, F
Sometimes, yes
Jeephikelove · 41-45, F
Good for you :-)
psirider · 41-45, M
SW isnt so open-minded as EP used to be. On EP you could write about everything also very special or strange experiences and the answers were mostly polite. On SW I often get answers from people that are not living in a similar world like me and show me that my world isnt acceptable. So why do they answer? That never happened on EP. I want to find friends who are living in a SW or at least are open for that and Im happy to got to know some of them.
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