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Why do parents say stuff to protect young kids but now their kids are older teachers they finally tell them the brutal truth?
My dad said, "You guys are older now so you're old enough to hear the truth. Hey, you're a young adult now. I can say it around you. I can say adult stuff around you."

My oldest bro said, "You better get used it sis, you're going to be hearing adult stuff and you should be. You going to hear and seeing disturbing things. You're not a seven year old little girl anymore. You're a grown ass woman. Start acting like it!"
18-21, F
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May 23, 2020
Edited: 2 wks ago
Kiriko · 31-35, F
[c=#359E00]is this thing a fetish for you?[/c]
IzzyZ2002 · 18-21, F
[@659125,Kiriko] No.
Rhodesianman · 51-55, M
Thats where I differ from most parents . My kids were raised nude and as far as we were concerned if they were old enough to ask a question they were old enough to know the answer .Nothing was ever hidden from them .None of them lost their innocence till after 18 as it held no surprises for them . We talked about everything nothing was taboo and to this day even though their young adults the conversation would be as young people put it T.M.I . We never had to worry though as they told us everything so we never had any surprises .I am a very proud dad and grandad .

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