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Democrats Just Got CAUGHT Rigging Elections, Judge Pleads GUILTY, Mail In Voter Fraud Exposed in NJ
31-35, M
17 replies
May 23, 2020
AnneHoney · 36-40, F
California is even worse they let illegals vote twice. Fraud in over 100,000 ballots there.
plankter979 · 46-50, M
[@557376,AnneHoney] blinded by bigotry! I'm sorry for you.
AnneHoney · 36-40, F
If I respected your opinion that might bother me. But you have proven incapable of rational thought and as ignorant as a rock. So who cares. [@569869,plankter979]
plankter979 · 46-50, M
[@557376,AnneHoney] Anyone capable of rational thought would not be defending Trump. Your premise is that white Christian Americans are supreme and anyone else can go die. It is more pathetic than scary.
hlpflwthat · M
"several suspect instances suggesting potential fraud"

But still no evidence. Same as always.
curiosi · 56-60, F
Of course this is why Nancy is pushing mail in voting. It's also why this virus is so "contagious"
latinbutterfly · 41-45, F
As if the Republicans probably didn't rig the election to get Donald Trump elected? Might want to look into that, too 🤣.
AnneHoney · 36-40, F
But Johnny didn’t do his chores either. They reviewed all votes[@876949,latinbutterfly] not just those for Hillary. And no evidence of pro Trump voting was found. The review was by an independent group with people of both parties supervising. Dems admitted rigging the primary for Hillary. Why would you be surprised they tried to do the general election.

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