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SPANISH: Help with grammar?
Now, I am fairly certain that the way to say “I’m sorry” in would be [b][i]Lo siento[/i][/b]


I am pretty sure that literally means “I feel it”.

[c=#BF0000][b][i]lo[/i][/b][/c] [c=#000000][b][i]siento[/i][/b][/c]

[b][i][c=#000000]I feel[/c][/i][/b] [c=#BF0000][b][i]it[/i][/b][/c]


My question is in “lo siento” the [b][i]Lo[/i][/b] part means “it”? Then [b][i]Siento[/i][/b] means “I feel”?

Why are they in that order? Doesn’t that literally translate into “It I feel“? That just sounds wrong!

Also, why not “[b][i]yo lo siento[/i][/b]”
22-25, M
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May 22, 2020
Edited: 1 week ago
Elessar · 22-25, M
Italian here, so might not be 100% accurate, but since my language is similar to their:

[quote]My question is in “lo siento” the Lo part means “it”? Then Siento means “I feel”?[/quote]
Yes. It's "lo sento" here, which means "(I) feel it", the 'I' pronoun is not mandatory like in English. The construction with 'lo' before the verb in Italian is correct, while "sento lo" is absolutely wrong - I suppose also in Spanish.

[quote]Also, why not “yo lo siento”[/quote]
If 'yo' means 'I', it's correct too but not required. E.g. I'd say 'Io lo sento' when I need to stress on 'I', e.g. if I'm the only one feeling/hearing something, "lo sento" otherwise.
Emortal · M
It's a habit to leave out the pronoun yo, tu, el ...
[b]Lo[/b] is for "it" that I feel.
[b]Lo siento[/b] means, I'm going through a lot of feelings and emotional stuff here, because of what happened.

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