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So I tell people I was in the Army for...
7 years and then they like to say “Oh I almost joined” ....why volunteer that?
31-35, M
13 replies
May 22, 2020
Quizzical · 41-45, M Best Answer
Well, I guess it's a platitude to offer some sort of vague bond of commonality.

My response to being told someone joined the armed forces is usually 'Why the fuck would you want to do that?' which I have to admit, does tend to put something of a social wall up between us, lol
AnthroKenj · 31-35, M
[@380163,Quizzical] lol gotcha
Quizzical · 41-45, M
[@540072,AnthroKenj] 😁
BelovedTed · 46-50, M
I’m going to guess so they have something to say back to you?
Picklebobble2 · 51-55, M
Possibly the recognition that those who willingly sign-up, go through all that basic training and then go off to do goodness knows what, goodness knows where, are on another level to the rest of us.

Because that takes something most of us don't have.
SurprisePartyRegicide · 18-21, M
Bc people naturally relate stuff they hear to themselves without any particular reasoning or due justification. It's not a big deal.
Leggs · 41-45, T
I was in for three years. At the time, it seemed like this big deal but nowadays I don't even think about it much.
The only time I even think to tell anyone I was in is if they too were military.

One thing I would tell someone who is thinking of going in full time - the life they leave behind when going in will not likely be the life they go back to when getting out. That is the one thing I wish I had understood before going in.
Leggs · 41-45, T
[@4199,SurprisePartyRegicide] During service - minimal dysphoria but my mind was more focused on just trying to make it day to day in the army life.

One thing about that - back then there just wasn't much support for anyone LGBT. One had to search a little more. It wasn't like today when even a not-so-passable TG like myself could just go out and be mostly unnoticed.
I tell ya, attitudes towards LGBT have vastly improved in the past 20 years.

Family - My step parents didn't take real well to it but then that relationship has always been strained. Rest of my family didn't mind.
That is one thing from then and now that hasn't changed - if you have a good bond with someone, coming out as LGBT doesn't affect things but if the bond is shaky, things tend to get worse.
SurprisePartyRegicide · 18-21, M
[@1073121,Leggs] Yeah, I'm really glad I don't live in the '80s or '90s; the culture has gotten so much looser. Even growing up in the early 2010s, I feel like things used to be almost puritanical, but even that's nothing compared to what your generation has had to put up with. Glad you're still around, you must be quite the toughie.
Leggs · 41-45, T
[@4199,SurprisePartyRegicide] The funny thing back in the 80's though was that even though being gay was taboo and much more so for TG, we had a bunch of rock bands that dressed like chicks.

One difference for LGBT back then though - since there wasn't as big a scene or community, there wasn't much temptation to be "out".

One difference - back then, people loved to "out" us. Now that we are out and proud, the homophobes wish we would go back in the closet.

I am no tougher than anyone else. I have been living this full time since 2010 so it just seems normal.

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