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Father, forgive me for the sin that I'm about to commit, The pains gotten to the point where I'm about to submit
prescription after prescription but the pills ain't working,
The struggles that I've been dealing with just ain't worth it,
I ain't perfect, that's why I'm standing alone, This world we're living in today I swear it's bad to the bone,
I thought I could but truth be told, I just can't hack it, Picture me in a casket wearing a straitjacket,
Cause in the end this is how they made me, Ain't a damn soul in this world that can save me, People still wonder why I'm steady going crazy The man that I am isn't how my mama raised me, Damn near Thirty but I'm still mama's baby, Sometimes I wonder how my mama doesn't hate me,
Lord knows I done put her through plenty of hell for so long
I'm a ticking time-bomb, An experiment gone wrong,
Probably would have a nine-to-five if it wasn't for music, Coulda been so much more if I wasn't so stupid,
Every girl I've ever loved always broke my heart I gave them everything I had and they tore me apart,
And fake friends all they ever did was use me, Talk behind my back and verbally abuse me,
But I had to pick myself up whenever I fell down, Friends came and went, but me, I'm still around,
Still wondering when the pain stops, I see the Sun but I'd rather feel the raindrops,
I can't stop doing music cuz it's all I know, Trying to leave this game alone but I can't let it go,
It's difficult to tell the world when your lucks up,
When you're tired man, It's hard to put your knucks up,
If you've ever had to live it you'll probably relate,
But if you've never had to live it you'll probably hate,
But you didn't have to fight the battles I fought,
You got your own set of problems, That ain't my fault, But please believe me when I tell you that this ain't what I wanted, I am what I am,
The truth hurts don't it?
So how does it feel knowing I am what you made me?
Do you still resent me?
Do you still hate me?
Look into my eyes, Do you still wish I would die?
If I did would it make you feel better deep inside? Even though I forgive you, I gotta keep it real,
There's some scars in life that never really heal, And there's a lot of words you can never take back, But y'all can rest well I don't want no payback,
My visions gettin blurry,
Its getting harder to see,
The rooms closing in, It's gettin harder to breathe,
So let it sink in as you read these words I write down,
Father, forgive me,

Lights out.
26-30, M
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Nov 30, 2019

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