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Do you use acronyms when speaking to someone whom you KNOW won't know what it means?
I'm new at work.
It is so annoying to me

To receive and email saying 'meeting at 10am in the DCB building'. You know I've been been there

So why not tell me wtf and where TF that is

' log on to ECO'
again, what IS that?

Tell someone the full name before you start using acrynyms and abbreviations. I find this so annoying
26-30, F
6 replies
Nov 8, 2019
bourbon90-99, M
sometimes they become so ingrained that it can't be helped.
iamnikki26-30, F
[@887863,bourbon] but I mean,you know I'm new. You know I'm not gonna know what that is until you tell me.
Give a person information that they need. Shouldn't have to ask a ton of questions for basic information . Not your fault, I know
bourbon90-99, M
[@467302,iamnikki] I think it is a good sign; they feel like you're in and have been there for a long time
Spokeskitties7541-45, M

I know exactly what you are trying to convey, in case you didn鈥檛 know that acronym
FaeLuna26-30, F
My job is 80% acronyms, so I try to be thoughtful for new people and explain each one when I use them.
Glambarber26-30, F
No, what would be the point?

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