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Guys here's my new dog I collected him today!!! I'm unsure of his breed if you have an idea let me know
22-25, F
19 replies
Sep 28, 2019
MightyAphroditeF Best Answer
He's a retriever by the looks of things, he's a beauty, so cute, they're smart and docile dogs. You'll love him! 馃槏
DonotInboxMe22-25, F
[@435994,MightyAphrodite] Hun I already do!
[@15480,DonotInboxMe] He's just fabulous! Congratulations!
Leetina36-40, F
Labrador crossed with a Collie ... Maybe?
Daisy5046-50, F
DonotInboxMe22-25, F
[@485257,Daisy50] i love him already. Adorable but he loves attention
Adaydreambeliever51-55, F
It looks a little golden retriever like..but is probably not a purebred so perhaps has several different breeds within
DonotInboxMe22-25, F
[@7167,Adaydreambeliever] fair enough. I agree
bourbon90-99, M
lab mix of some sort. cool pup.
Northerner61-69, M
Golden retriever I would say
The look he gives the camera is so funny. He鈥檚 super cute. What鈥檚 his name?
DonotInboxMe22-25, F
[@420709,LithiumDrop] stitch
deadgerbil18-21, M
Cute pup
Crossed between a cutie and a softy 馃槉
Adorable! Enjoy, name?
DonotInboxMe22-25, F
[@857422,Sweetthing] stitch
Sorry for the repeat question![@15480,DonotInboxMe]

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