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What are your favorite lyrics by Depeche Mode?
41-45, M
17 replies
Jul 11, 2019
StrangeLove · 41-45, F Best Answer
And I thank you for bringing me here
For showing me home
For singing these tears
Finally I've found that I belong here
MrSelfdestruct · 41-45, M
[@326696,TheCaterpillar] excellent.
Imnobody0212 · 22-25, F
Enjoy the silence and policy of truth are my favorites
Imnobody0212 · 22-25, F
From enjoy the silence: “Don’t you understand oh my litter girl”
Policy of truth: “Never again is what you swore time before” the reason why is because I just like them no one makes music like them anymore those who have tried it’s not the same [@771850,MrSelfdestruct]
Imnobody0212 · 22-25, F
So pretty much all of it [@828541,LadyDeadpool]
MrSelfdestruct · 41-45, M
[@828541,LadyDeadpool] that's true. Great songs.
GBPackersFan · 36-40, M
People Are People
MrSelfdestruct · 41-45, M
[@490377,GBPackersFan] the whole song, or certain lyrics?
xixgun · M
I have no idea.
Heysmellthis · 31-35, M
We're not scaremongering
This is really happening
Meowsolini · 46-50, F
"The grabbing hands grab all they can, all for themselves. After all, it's a competitive world, Everything counts in large amounts."
MrSelfdestruct · 41-45, M
[@353941,Meowsolini] great song
Meowsolini · 46-50, F
[@771850,MrSelfdestruct] Thanks! Reminds me of my freshman year of high school :)
Sweetest perfection
Waiting for the night

The list kinda goes on 🤷‍♂️
MrSelfdestruct · 41-45, M
[@527461,Teggy] exactly.
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
Blasphemous Rumours is pretty hard to beat.

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