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Why are some friends brutally mean to each other?
My teenage cousin was roasting my dad so bad but my dad came with a comeback. They were going back and forth at each other. I don't understand how my dad isnt hurt about this. I would have been hurt. She insulted her best friend and her bestie got her back. Man teenagers are unapologetically brutal to each other. My dad told me those are just words and dont take it too offensively because I do.
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May 8, 2019
I think it's mostly a men thing.

We call each other cocksuckers , motherfuckers etc.

It's just a funny way of bonding
swandfriends · 36-40, F
They were probably joking around
[@594122,swandfriends] Well I think it's mean. We need to be mind and nice to one another but my best friend said it wouldn't be fun and we didn't roast each other. If we were nice all the time and never debate or make fun of each other it would be LAME. Gotta insult someone sometimes.
jaymic64 · M
Sounds like it was all just good fun
Mugin16 · 41-45, M
Men bond by fake insults.
SW User
That's just a form of bonding, it's not really a close friendship if you feel you have to walk on eggshells around each other.
[@324106,Volfield] But its mean. My friends did that to me and I got offended. My guy friend said "if you can't come up with a comeback, don't bother in the roasting challenge. You can't get offended. We would be too nice all the time and never debate and that's LAME. We gotta be mean sometimes."
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rckt148 · 56-60, M
When I was a kid black folks done something they called shooting the dozens ,,it was a bunch of hurtful things said back and two ,so if a white person said it ,,they just blew it off ,,they let me play too
I had elderly ladies who looked at me as one of their own and they would cut you with a strait razor for messing with their children ,,back then they didn't play
They had a concoction of fire place as and urine ,,you wanted no part of
The old black men ,strong as bulls would let me sit on the porch of the jook joint with them and smoke homegrown weed rolled up in brown paper bag ,,it would choke you to death until you got used to it
So when kids were mean to me about my Momma being fat ,I had lots of your Momma come backs
But kids today are more cruel then they used to be
No one is teaching them manners and respect ,common courtesy adults laugh and thinks it shows whit ,thats not whit
that is get your mouth busted rude
even kids who would shoot the dozens only took so much
Now days they know agencies and the law will protect them
but thats not bold ,thats a coward ,,
If you big enough to say it ,,then be big enough to take what it brings you ,,and an adult who encourages it
well more then likely ,no one raised them properly either
My kids and grandkids know I will play ,even spar with them
but the also know where the line is ,and never to cross it

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