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Does reality only exist when it is observed?

Aidolovemostofyourthoughts · F Best Comment
It exists even when unobserved. Its only actualised when it is observed.
Like alternative reality or a parallel universe 🤔[@44604,Aidolovemostofyourthoughts]
[@1390,AwakeningConfession9] You know, I quite like the idea of it. It is quite a big possibility it exists.
I believe so too. Even sometimes deep dreams are a possible visit to those parallel universes and we just don’t realise it. [@44604,Aidolovemostofyourthoughts]

zeeva70 · 46-50, F
Does an aneurysm only exist when it's observed?
Unquestioned · 61-69, M
[@335166,zeeva70] I'm asking the question.
Margarite · 46-50, F
[@867491,Unquestioned] lol
puck61 · 56-60, M
How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? [b][c=#BF0080] reductio ad absurdum[/c][/b]
Unquestioned · 61-69, M
[@3557,puck61] The answer is infinite.
puck61 · 56-60, M
[@867491,Unquestioned] It's a great question. Sentience is either everything or nothing! Are we the eyes with which the universe sees itself? It even brushes against divinity.
Unquestioned · 61-69, M
[@3557,puck61] The answer can only be a multi universe buddy.
5thApprentice · 26-30, M
I dont know but I'll ask my monkey next time I see him.
Unquestioned · 61-69, M
[@352419,5thApprentice] Where the fuck have you been the last couple of weeks bro?
5thApprentice · 26-30, M
[@867491,Unquestioned] I broke my device by accident so had to sort a spare out lol. Hope you've been well, getting a little philosophical lately bro?
Unquestioned · 61-69, M
[@352419,5thApprentice] I'm a fucking Guru mate ;)
Wraithorn · 51-55, M
I have read about certain experiments that seem to indicate that. I don't know enough to give a definite answer though.
ragingfire · 31-35, M
Reality exists irrespective of the observer. Observer interprets reality in his own terms. Observer's perception of the reality doesn't change the reality. That doesn't mean the observer is wrong always, but he may or may not fully qualify or quantify reality the way it is, or just get it all wrong.
Unquestioned · 61-69, M
[@429468,ragingfire] You just fucked my head up. I need another 🥃
No. lol
Reality exists no matter. Only question will be if you observe it.
rckt148 · 61-69, M
that one is as silly as does a tree falling make a noise if no one is around to hear it ,,
We can't see the wind or air ,natural gas ,carbon monoxide
just to name a few
but we can see their effects if exposed to them in small spaces or the right conditions

Not saying you are silly by the way ,just the sayings
rckt148 · 61-69, M
[@867491,Unquestioned] I don't drink anymore ,but when pain has kept me up for extended periods I may as well be drunk ,
I tend to annoy people as much as when I drank ,but thats not my intent ,I prefer getting along .
I am a musician
maybe for the good time a few drinks would be cool and we could sing all your favorite songs together ,
That I do love ,good times ,making new memories with new friends .
I can get comical when I drink ,as long as no one screws up my good time ,then I go from funny to straight up ass ,
Thats why I like entertaining ,people love I can sing all the songs they love and that opens doors ,but being insulted ,or made to feel disrespected ,then I want to kick some's ass
I prefer making good memories
Have a good one ,,I'll try to watch my mouth in the future ,
never my intent to piss off my peers and elders ,
Which are fewer now that I've gotten old too
Unquestioned · 61-69, M
[@9499,rckt148] Hey buddy, I was drunk last night. 🥴
rckt148 · 61-69, M
[@867491,Unquestioned] No problem
I thought you were cool ,,were good
Quizzical · 41-45, M

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