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Hello how R YA ? What is the meaning of girl talk ?
21 replies
Mar 17, 2019
FloorGenAdm · 46-50, M
Pretty much the same meaning as filibuster.
FloorGenAdm · 46-50, M
[@4176,CrackedActor] 🗣️ bully pulpit
[@454355,FloorGenAdm] They say nuts are 🐒🐒 i guess even a 🐒 can give better details than you
FloorGenAdm · 46-50, M
[@4176,CrackedActor] 🙊
DonaldTrumpet · 70-79, M
[@467787,DonaldTrumpet] Donald are you saying you are a girl ?
DonaldTrumpet · 70-79, M
[@4176,CrackedActor] No I LIeZ for natioanLz securitYz, WimENZ LieZ to get head
[@467787,DonaldTrumpet] 😂
Prettycool4u · 18-21, F
Doing good

Boys not allowed. Lol
[@698907,Prettycool4u] Do you discuss things like shampoo and hand cream and perfumes you know stuff like that ?
Prettycool4u · 18-21, F
I don't know because I don't.
I don't chitchat here and there.
[@698907,Prettycool4u] 🙂
Unquestioned · 61-69, M
Good thanks, how are you? I ain't got a clue what it means. I'm always in the pub when that's going on.
[@867491,Unquestioned] I'm fine thanks and i dont have a clue either :)
bookerdana · 56-60, M
There are some things you can't cover up
With lipstick and powder
Thought I heard you mention my name
Can't you talk any louder?
Don't come any closer
Don't come any nearer
My vision of you
Can't come any clearer
Oh I just want to hear girls talk
Got a loaded imagination
Bein' fired by girls talk
It's a more or less situation
Inspired by girls talk
[@335376,bookerdana] Thats a linda ronstadt song im talking about real life
bookerdana · 56-60, M
So is Daye Edmunds😛 Individual results may vary [@4176,CrackedActor]
CharlieZ · 61-69, M
The talk betweeen women of the kind that, when casually overheard by a man, left you with a two time feeling:

- You understand nothing.
- You should expect the worse.
meJess · F
No translations :)
[@8367,meJess] Lol :)
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