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Drink hot water....................................
26-30, F
16 replies
Mar 17, 2019
User41 · 31-35, M
Asian medicine

Hot water.
Simplegirlstory · 26-30, F
[@646421,User41] 😂
seetrue · 22-25, F
You will land up in hot water.
Simplegirlstory · 26-30, F
[@487686,rosita] lol
Eve2019 · 31-35, F
If you Drink hot water it will keep the doctor away 🤭🤭
Simplegirlstory · 26-30, F
[@876164,annastasia] yes
shadedsly · 22-25, M
my mom said peroxide was the answer to everything, from cuts, to burns, to headaches. dont ask about the last one.
shadedsly · 22-25, M
i asked polite like to be left alone, but if it must be addressed, mom believed you could rub it in scalp massage style and it would clear the pores on your head with the bubbles, thus getting rid of cranial pressure. not exactly medical science is the homemakers art
Eve2019 · 31-35, F
Thats ok then I think it wasn’t a bad idea but also too much / too many times can dry out your skin [@909062,shadedsly]
shadedsly · 22-25, M
[@876164,annastasia] indeed. it got sorted eventually, luckily before i suffered any real consequence
QueenOfQuirk · 18-21, F
Lol I’m drinking it rn
Simplegirlstory · 26-30, F
[@10636,QueenOfQuirk] 😂
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