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Who would you marry from SW
31-35, M
27 replies
Mar 16, 2019
hyg346 · 36-40, M
Oh definitely her. Good woman.
Privatehell · 46-50, M
I'm never marrying again.
BalmyNites · F
Him 😊
Rokasu · 31-35, M
[@561899,BalmyNites] Who 👀
BalmyNites · F
[@16030,Rokasu] I can't tell you that, cause then I'd have to kill you 😄
Imperatrix · 41-45, F
He's not here anymore.
Rokasu · 31-35, M
[@886267,Imperatrix] But you don't want to marry me 😞
Imperatrix · 41-45, F
[@16030,Rokasu] sigh.


I'll marry you.
Rokasu · 31-35, M
[@886267,Imperatrix] I know pronounce you dog and crown 😌
Dewms · 22-25
Somebody cute, strong, and sweet
Rokasu · 31-35, M
[@63022,Dewms] I can do all of those things.
Dewms · 22-25
[@16030,Rokasu] oh wow 😳
Rokasu · 31-35, M
[@63022,Dewms] Ok maybe not the sweet part but that's why compromise.
wildbill83 · 31-35, M
oh, I can think of 2 or 3... 🤔
shaelan · 36-40, M
She knows who she is.
Imperatrix · 41-45, F
[@497118,shaelan] awww, that's how he used to answer about me.
shaelan · 36-40, M
[@886267,Imperatrix] sorry...didn't mean to remind you. 🤗
Pinkstarburst · 46-50, F
No. But I would have from EP 😢
Noahkahol · 61-69, M
I would need to lose my mind for that. Let me think. Something totally insane. How about a beautiful highly educated and financially set island girl with bronze skin and long brown hair wearing a tight red dress wearing red lipstick sitting on the fender of a red Lamborghini offering me a tray of cocaine.

Yeah. That would be hard to not marry. Lol
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