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What car do you own
I own a land rover range rover sport yes it's costly but cars are my passion and still loads of EMI are left but my spa is going along good
28 replies
2 days ago
Lullaby · 41-45, F
Subaru Crosstrek
[@764244,Lullaby] that's a nice car
Lullaby · 41-45, F
I like it a lot
[@764244,Lullaby] I like you a lot
i dont own a car, i walk to wherever i need to go, unless of course it’s really far then i get rides😁
Humbug · 51-55, M
[@653971,Humbug] beast
TexChik · F
2018 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 ☺️
[@113373,TexChik] I love that
[@113373,TexChik] trucks always excite me so strong and bold
TexChik · F
[@907210,NaturistDave] Its very posh inside and the exterior is beautiful. We own a farm and go out there quite a bit , so instead of having the need for two vehicles...and I like sitting up higher.
helenS · 31-35, F
I don't have a car, only my Vespa, and a rusty old bicycle! 😁
helenS · 31-35, F
[@873911,Wol62] Who??
Wol62 · 46-50, M
[@6602,helenS] Dave.
helenS · 31-35, F
[@873911,Wol62] A "range rover sport". No idea. I would have to look it up. Apparently you guys love driving! 😁
SethNStone · 22-25, M
2018 Toyota Tacoma.
[@892831,SethNStone] cool
SethNStone · 22-25, M
[@907210,NaturistDave] 👍️
Synyster · 46-50, M
I own the same car, 2017 Ranger Rover sport.
[@795132,Synyster] wow I'm planning on buying a gwagon it's absolutely a beast
Synyster · 46-50, M
[@907210,NaturistDave] Nice.
Mine was a year old when I bought it. Still full warranty. I would like to buy a Cayenne Turbo, but it's too much.
[@795132,Synyster] I'd too love a bentayega
Cowboybob · 41-45, M
BMW convertible. Love it!
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