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So many stupid people out there , who don’t realize there are rocks out there smarter than them . It’s sad ain’t it
18-21, F
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Mar 16, 2019
dumber than a box of rocks ..

Asificair · M
i credit everyone as being smart unless they have some mental disorder retarding learning or cognitive abilities. Its just smart people have some bizzare and stupid ideas about various things.
Izzi1s · 46-50, M
Well in all fairness, rocks have seen more.

As a matter of fact Happy Birthday Rocky! My pet rock turned 4,054,870,001 today.
That's called the Dunning-Kruger Effect. When a person is truly dumb..I mean truly stupid dumb......they are literally not able to realize or grasp just how stupid they are.

A huge percentage of people qualify for this level of stupidity. They cannot grasp what others tell them or say--because their intellect cannot grasp the scope or logic of what they are hearing. So their automatic response is "YOU" must be stupid because YOU are saying things that make no sense to me.

Oddly enough Dunning-Kruger also applies to the extremely intelligent---in an opposite way. To the extremely intelligent it is inconceivable that what they are easily able to understand--others cannot grasp. So it works both ways. The stupid can't grasp how stupid they are and are automatically astounded at anyone who is says something they can't grasp------and the extremely smart are astounded that some out there can't grasp what they understand perfectly.

The ideal place to see this effect in action is in the discussion of politics.......or climate change......even basic economics.
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So many stupid people out there , who don’t realiz... | Community | Similar Worlds