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Are bites meant to get bigger and feel hot?
This is how it was at first:


This is how it is now after a day or so. I think it's bigger and feels hot 馃槷 whatever got me got me good and had a grand feast 馃槀:


I tried magnesium sulfate on it the cream I mean xD usually helps but nope. I even tried that Aztec healing clay I use too. I've just ended up with a very clean spot on my leg lmao 馃槀 . We can't get into our local doctors because it's over whelmed with patients and such either 馃檨 .
26-30, F
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Mar 16, 2019
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Try your local pharmacist, ask for advice. Dont ignore it if it's getting worse.
Silentangel26-30, F
[@854658,Asificair] our local pharmacy is pretty useless sadly and they laughed at me when I asked them despite showing the pictures. Their not exactly what you call helpful. They bicker about who sees who and all sorts
[@665008,Silentangel] weeeeell, amputations not the end of the world! 馃檪
Silentangel26-30, F
[@854658,Asificair] hush xD I've already nearly losy my leg once this year 馃槀馃槀
[@665008,Silentangel] good luck with clay and fkg banana on something that clearly isnt improving! Say a prayer or two, it may help! Lmfao! 馃槅

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