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I do not think the level of criminality in America can be stopped by the police. If not for legal barriers, why not send in the military? Read below
America is insanely violent, and the streets of some cities might as well be warzones. More people have been killed in the south side of chicago since 2003 three than in the Iraq and afghan war combined. The amount of thuggin' that goes on in this country is fucking ridiculous and I genuinely believe placing certain cities under temporary arrest and martial law for a good year would do a LOT of good. I don't wanna hear some shit about the New World Order, fascism, or whatever... I want you to honestly look at the amount of young men throwing away their own lives and the lives of the innocent and tell me why it would be a bad idea. I know we have The Posse-comitatus and it would be illegal right now, but ideally I think it would be a net benefit.
22-25, M
86 replies
Mar 16, 2019
Pfuzylogic · 56-60, M
You have been talking to “you know who” too much about Chicago
AgapeLove · 22-25, M
[@6579,BlueMetalChick] you are Lord Voldemort up in here
Pfuzylogic · 56-60, M
If you don’t come up against me you won’t get hurt. Potter
BlueClapTrap · 31-35, M
No, the military would have to assassinate targets, not arrest people in order for this mission to be successful. It would be difficult to know who to target before they acted, and would likely end up as a Stalin kill quota situation.
BlueClapTrap · 31-35, M
[@712527,AgapeLove] This all coming from the person who isn't willing to murder the "bad guys"
AgapeLove · 22-25, M
[@593235,BlueClapTrap] This is a tu-quoque fallacy and you are just saying goofy arguments at this point
BlueClapTrap · 31-35, M
[@712527,AgapeLove] Whatever, you're the one who thinks the military should kill everyone that scares you, because you can't do it yourself.
Here is why it wont happen...52% of all homicides, 38% of all rapes and 36.5% of all other violent felonies are committed by Blacks.

To do something that actually worked would be "racist".
AgapeLove · 22-25, M
[@26739,VioletRayne] Do you think I think bribery has NEVER happened or that nothing shady such as planting drugs has ever happened? No shit it has and no shit it still does. But to suggest this anecdote (which i'll assume is true) renders the FBI numbers not dependable is insane.
[@26739,VioletRayne] Not true. Besides I do love you. You just happen to wrong in everything you say.
BlueClapTrap · 31-35, M
[@712527,AgapeLove] Not just bribery, affluence as well.
VioletRayne · 26-30, F
[c=#4C0073]Thise problems are way deeper than martial law can fix. It’s a culmination of discrimination, socio-economic disparities, and access to necessary resources. When those things combine you get widespread crime and violence. The same pattern happens all around the world. [/c]
AgapeLove · 22-25, M
[@20952,IstillmissEP] Her interpretation of me pointing out the discrimination doesn't lead to crime, that most blacks are not being raised in nuclear families because having a hoe for a mama with a boyfriend doesn't count as a nuclear family, is that black parents aren't parents. And I guarantee you when I say "hoe for a mama" she latched onto that and is thinking it's racist, as if having babies out of wedlock is thot behavior incarnate (literally incarnate 😂)
AND...You are a Pedivore!
AgapeLove · 22-25, M
[@26739,VioletRayne] You could have tried to see where I was coming from, but instead you think I think poor people should die and that blacks are inferior.. your accusations. Das amazin'! Try to actually see it from someone else's point of view instead of throwing out accusations.

Also, your objectively wrong about so many things, for example that white rape more than blacks? Blatantly false if you understand per capita and compare the population number with the percentage of rapes from the population.
QueenOfQuirk · 18-21, F
give a good education to the kids in bad neighbourhoods first
[@712527,AgapeLove] No. I was simply pointing out that remedial programs (at least in the public schools) do not work long term.
AgapeLove · 22-25, M
But you've been talking IQ stats and saying Education doesn't help so I figured this is what you're going for
[@10636,QueenOfQuirk] QQ..Here is the news piece on HeadStart. If you want the full report, Ill get it for you. A 180 billion dollar failure

Anonymartyr · 51-55, M
I feel the exact same way here in Windsor, Ontario Canada. Here the problems are mainly caused by pharmaceuticals and hard drugs that are smuggled from the USA. I left my hometown after there was nobody left there but opiod and cocaine addicts and dealers.
Puffieke · F
Interesting post.
AgapeLove · 22-25, M
[@14748,Puffieke] Why not stop being one?
Puffieke · F
I’ve actually posted that I’m unapologetically a whore. I really wish you wouldn’t have posted our private discussion on the forum. Thank you. I can’t trust you. [@712527,AgapeLove]
Puffieke · F
You got parts of it wrong. [@14748,Puffieke]
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