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Apparently the NZ shooter visited Pakistan just last year and posted this
Pakistan is incredible place filled with the most earnest, kind hearted and hospitable people in the world’

I suspect it's going to be revealed that he was just crazy
36-40, M
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Mar 16, 2019
EatingCereal · 18-21, M
Of course. The mental health excuse
MushroomFaerie · 26-30, F
Are they Muslim in Pakistan? I don't even know
plungesponge · 36-40, M
Very much so. It was created explicitly to be a Muslim country when Britain divided India up
MushroomFaerie · 26-30, F
[@20312,plungesponge] I see so he probably thought that would lead anybody away from thinking he was possible of such hate filled violence
plungesponge · 36-40, M
I dunno, it's a really strange comment for someone who says he is trying to warn his race. I suspect it's a sign he was pretty mentally unstable
Seahawks2345 · 36-40, M
I believe the crazy part has already been revealed!!He killed 49 Innocent Human Beings!!!!
Terrorism IS a mental illness with no one treating it.
Meh, shouldn't go about his manifesto, but he explicitly says he has nothing against Muslims etc. in their own countries, as long as they stay there. Even if he wasn't just trying to misdirect attention it's entirely consistent with his expressed worldview. That's the frightening part, it's all pretty well planned, pretty well prepared, no insane impulsivity or outbursts to tip people off to his plans ahead of time.
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