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Winner of this game gets 3 SW gifts!
This is a game called “Which doesn’t belong”, the these series, all of these things are related to one another except for one, your job is to say which one does not belong, why it doesn’t belong and for a bonus, why/how are the other ones related! HAVE FUN! 😊

1. France, Egypt, Greece, South Africa

2. Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity

3. Sonic, Knuckles, Bowser, Eggman

4. Patriots, Jaguars, Brewers, Browns

5. Dutch, Swedish, English, Finnish
22-25, M
18 replies
Mar 15, 2019
MrFluffles · 26-30, M
south africa, bowser, brewers, english, islam?
MrFluffles · 26-30, M
[@540939,XenonRush] mainly because i cant speak the other languages so they dont fit in my book :D
XenonRush · 22-25, M
Funny! Not correct but still a funny thought lol, what about series 4? Why does brewers not fit, how are the others related? [@535804,MrFluffles]
MrFluffles · 26-30, M
[@540939,XenonRush] i forgot. lol
i don't know enough to actually answer all of these but i wanted to say that this is a really cool idea
XenonRush · 22-25, M
Just give it a try! Thanks, I like trivia and quiz games a lot! [@67788,Dormouse]
NotJamieM · 41-45, M
Ok... (1) South Africa because it's a geographical area and the others are countries; (2) Hinduism because it's based on many gods and the others are based on one god; (3) Bowser because it's from a different video game than the others; (4) Brewers because they are a baseball team and the others are football teams; (5) English because the rest are Scandenavian?
NotJamieM · 41-45, M
[@540939,XenonRush] this is tough (and a great idea btw)... I'm going to have to think on it a bit, lol.
XenonRush · 22-25, M
Thank! I really Like trivia and quiz games and things like that! Maybe try to look at a picture of the world and see the countries (hint hint) also, for number 5, think about how those languages sound, maybe think or look up a few simple words and phrases from each, maybe the history of them, [@570785,NotJamieM]
XenonRush · 22-25, M
Have you thought about it? [@570785,NotJamieM]
ImRileyTheDog · 18-21, F
XenonRush · 22-25, M
In series 4, which of those does not belong? How are the others related[@1452,ImRileyTheDog]
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