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question for the ladies: Best line to get a response in your inbox?
Hello....I am curious what is the best line you would respond to in your inbox........asking for a friend? ha
31-35, M
27 replies
Mar 15, 2019
There isn't one, I only pm my friends 馃槉
horny4play131-35, M
It doesn't have to be a quick fix, I would prefer an everyday type of thing ha. It can't be thattt bad....I mean you are interacting with me on here in a civil and appropriate manner. Anddddd....I have been rather courteous if I do say so myself. [@561899,BalmyNites]
[@905894,Horny4play85] lol, I bet you would (prefer an everyday thing) 馃槅 Honey, just because I chat politely with you here, doesn't mean I want you between my sheets 馃槀
horny4play131-35, M
Very clever response. I meant an everyday thing on here ha. I have a rather high sex drive and tend to supplement my normal intimate contact with something such as this. Sometimes its easier to be open online as merely mutual sexual friends through the WiFi ha. Also, sometimes doing it yourself can be more of a stress release then anything else.[@561899,BalmyNites]
Maybe you... your friend, should change their profile name first lol
horny4play131-35, M
Ya know. I like to be straight forward in life ha. If anything it is honest!You have to appreciate that. ha[@470400,Somewhereovertherainbow]
littlemisslight31-35, F
I feel like I'm judging a book by its cover but the sender's username plays a role for first impressions!
horny4play131-35, M
So you're saying I should PM you? [@720653,littlemisslight]
littlemisslight31-35, F
[@905894,Horny4play85] not with that username 馃槀
horny4play131-35, M
I am truly hurt and disappointed. :( [@720653,littlemisslight]
horny4play131-35, M
I have to receive an opening line suggestion ha.
horny4play131-35, M
I will let you request me on here....does that mean I should change my name ha [@720653,littlemisslight]
littlemisslight31-35, F
leaving it to the ladies to act even after an invitation eh? haha well, it means whatever you want it to mean!
horny4play131-35, M
Wellll I was not sure if the invitation was under the pretense that my name was changed ha [@720653,littlemisslight]
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