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I am fully aware that im a disgusting, weak, pathetic, worthless excuse of a human being with no redeemable qualities
I know this to be true b c I'm a loser with a family that hates him. I don't deserve to have a family. I deserve to die alone with no pets. I don't want to replace my dog. I just need to die right now!
26-30, M
11 replies
Mar 14, 2019
That鈥檚 the spirit. 馃帀
QueenOfQuirk18-21, F
AgapeLove22-25, M
[@10636,QueenOfQuirk] WE need more of this in our community :)
No1WillSuspectMe26-30, M
[@10636,QueenOfQuirk] thanks, but I don't believe in love. It's not for me
QueenOfQuirk18-21, F
[@908386,WhatRULookinAt] [image=]
If you're a loser than why are you still breathing?
No1WillSuspectMe26-30, M
[@860047,GoMilkMeARiverForMyNippleFloat] I don't deserve to breath
[@908386,WhatRULookinAt] well suicide is for losers. Don't give up
AgapeLove22-25, M
[@627992,Graylight] [@10013,EatingCereal] [@455409,lily88mercy]

AgapeLove22-25, M
I love you and many people here will give you love. We all need a helping hand sometime, and ppl here will give you one. You need to find that strength in yourself and not give up. You can do it! My inbox is open
EatingCereal18-21, M
This isn't right, bro
You aren't a loser and don't neef the acceptance of even your family if they hate you and don't show you mercy and love. I promise you that you're completely mistaken. You're an honorable being. Believe in yourself bro .-.
I believe in you
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