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My friends tell me the voices in my head are wrong.

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If its god, apparently it wont be. If its anyone else you need help.
BlueClapTrap36-40, M
[@854658,Asificair] But I thought God spoke through the heart, not the head. 馃
[@593235,BlueClapTrap]'s not your physical heart is it?
BlueClapTrap36-40, M
[@854658,Asificair] It's not in your head, although when angels speak the ears tend to burn.
InvaderNice22-25, M
Are you joking? Some people really do hear voices so I鈥檓 wondering if you鈥檙e serious.
No shit?!?!

The voices in my head tell me my friends are wrong.

HermajestyII31-35, F
Sooo you hear voices, how come, what do they say?
elyay200141-45, M
[@1695,InvaderNice] I鈥檓 not paranoid. I know everyone is watching me.
InvaderNice22-25, M
[@10888,elyay2001] Okay now I know you鈥檙e joking.
elyay200141-45, M
[@1695,InvaderNice] Then turn off the FBIVAN234 WIFI outside my compound.
Miram26-30, F
Are your friends also in your head? 馃檭
elyay200141-45, M
[@542305,Darkcosmos] *drops shrooms and ponders.
rhouse51-55, M
Ignore him. Listen to the voices in your head.
Mal4241-45, M
See people think is Schizophenia, has anyone ever thought it's voices from the spirit world? It can be 6th sense. No one knows for sure but no one can understand.

If you been close to death then chances are they are voices from spirit world.

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