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Was I being too harsh with this girl or no?
Yea. stop being mean to this poor girl
Nope. you're being honest
who cares
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Are we supposed to be mean to students. I mean yes we should be honest but not make them cry. One student was brutally blunt to this 13 year old girl for being a bully sort of, and being rude and nasty to her classmates for no reason. I heard she made one if her classmates cry and calling her a horrible name. The teacher bluntly called her a huge stinker and no wonder her classmates done like her too much. She said some thing else but I won't mention it and it's too brutal. This girl came to me crying so hard. I wanted to give her a hug but I didn't and said, "Well it's your own fault and not only you're hurting your classmates but you're hurting yourself for being a bully. Keep it up and no body will be around." She yelled at me for being mean.
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Jan 11, 2019
DropsOfPain26-30, F
Lol didn't expect the end 馃槀
Mordimoux26-30, M
I think you are supposed to show them what wrong they did and make them empathize with people they hurt. Not revenge bully them. 馃

But kids are the worst and I鈥檓 not an expert. 馃し馃徏鈥嶁檧锔
[@14585,Mordimoux] True
Elinoria100+, F
She probably needed to hear it.I wonder if you'll get "bullied" by her parents?
St0ut46-50, M
The teacher was wrong. However you where correct.
My son was bullied by a teacher in 4th grade as a sophomore in high school he has finally gotten over it
[@749552,St0ut] Wow that's terrible that a teacher would bully him
iKnow18-21, F
Hm, smells like emotional manipulation...
The teacher should have said it in some other way but it's still better than not acknowledging it at all.
MartinTheFirst18-21, M
If they bully then show them they've done wrong. Don't call them things though, then youre a bully too.
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