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Do you know anyone here that is from France?
22-25, M
14 replies
Jan 11, 2019
Edited: 1 week ago
Peekaboo2 · 18-21, F
Peekaboo2 · 18-21, F
[@14565,Dan193] No. The guy who asks a new political question every 3 minutes is.
Dan193 · 22-25, M
[@873016,Peekaboo2] I don't know him. Is he the one with glasses in their profile pic?
Peekaboo2 · 18-21, F
[@14565,Dan193] keepyoureyespeeled
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GlassDog · 36-40, M
There are a couple of people that I interacted with. I haven't seen either of them since I've been back.
Dan193 · 22-25, M
[@24313,GlassDog] I hope to find somebody that's active.
GlassDog · 36-40, M
[@14565,Dan193] Fingers crossed. Worthwhile asking a bit later when people are home from work too.
Dan193 · 22-25, M
[@24313,GlassDog] oh yeah, you're right
Meowsolini · 46-50, F
Yes. EarthlingWise is from France.
Dan193 · 22-25, M
[@353941,Meowsolini] Thank you.
Meowsolini · 46-50, F
[@14565,Dan193] Sure
illusionofself · 22-25, M
Yeah I think so but I'm not supposed to take names 🤫
Dewms · 22-25
Yes, the lovely fruit
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