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If people won't respond to "hey 馃榿", what will they respond to? 馃
18-21, M
44 replies
May 11, 2018
Rokasu31-35, M
Not nudes.
how about getting to know them in Q and A first
NewBeginning18-21, M
[@586376,badapple] Q&A? Please enlighten me (:
Hey is my go to line 馃檮
FloorGenAdm46-50, M
FloorGenAdm46-50, M
[@454355,FloorGenAdm] [youtube=]
NewBeginning18-21, M
[@454355,FloorGenAdm] I'm glad you shared this XD thank you lol
Catmandu31-35, M
I鈥檝e been wondering that too. Most real-world conversations start with some form of hello . I don鈥檛 get it either
[@737775,Kuntryboy] works every time for me 馃檮
Diesel9536-40, MVIP
If and when I do approach people which is rare nowadays I always introduce myself fully first
snowangelashley22-25, F
I'm hoping you're being sarcastic. But based on the number of people who send "hey"... maybe some of you should research "how to start a conversation". 馃檮
NewBeginning18-21, M
[@1060,KingLyinHeart] that could be a cultural difference I guess? Fairly simple where I'm from just to say hello.
[@460041,NewBeginning] maybe

I don't know.

Real life and online are a bit different.
NewBeginning18-21, M
[@1060,KingLyinHeart] Even online between social media platforms the culture is different
You guys must be writing it wrong 馃檮
Justmerae51-55, F
Intelligent conversation?
NewBeginning18-21, M
[@1060,KingLyinHeart] (joking) Based on my understanding of this example, people start off with a greetings, then proceed to discuss chickens unless the other person is not in the mood to talk about chickens.
[@2144,Justmerae] you're always a sweetheart, Rae. Like all your new avi's btw.
[@460041,NewBeginning] you're on your way!
AuntieWhispers26-30, F
Someone once started conversation with me on EP by asking what my favourite star (sky, not celebrity) is. My fiance and I spoke via Q&A for a while before naturally continuing the communication to private messages. Maybe read some of their questions/stories and say something related to that?
NewBeginning18-21, M
[@16110,instagramcat] I guess I just haven't fully understood the difference between EP and SW. On EP I could pull off just saying hey, but after posting the question I'm seeing a lot of people who like the public part of SW.

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If people won't respond to "hey 馃榿",... | Community | Similar Worlds