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My lover for tonight
26-30, M
32 replies
Mar 5, 2018
Edited: 1 yr ago
Pretty hands
Hugosfbay · 26-30, M
[@526701,Stark] oh yeh, you have a hand fetish
ItsLynn · 26-30, F
You got nice hand
Hugosfbay · 26-30, M
[@526701,Stark] i don't understand stark. I thought you wanted the username shark but we're like fuck it. It's already taken
[@566267,Hugosfbay] ew why would I want the username shark ? That’s so ugly and typical. I went through a dramatic depression phase and deleted my original account, I then decided to binge watch game of thrones because I had nothing else to do since I wasn’t on here and I watched it for two days straight before I got bored of at and also couldn’t keep up with all the different storylines. I then decided to come back but needed a new username, “Stark” was the first thing that came to mind and I was like that sounds pretty sweet, never realized it was from game a thrones and I kept getting so many references from the show that I didnt understand, still do. Until someone finally told me that stark is from game of thrones and I was like “oh.” So that’s how I came up with this user.
Hugosfbay · 26-30, M
[@526701,Stark] oh that makes sense! Also makes sense as to why I do get it. Game of thrones is borning to me. Thank you for sharing 🤗
Stray4life · 26-30, F
😂😂 looks like she might be related to mine hahah
Hugosfbay · 26-30, M
[@690828,Stray4life] 😂
dumpstermeow · 36-40, F
Your best gal? 😏
Hugosfbay · 26-30, M
[@492592,dumpstermeow] oh yeah, swallows like no other
dumpstermeow · 36-40, F
[@566267,Hugosfbay] 😦
sleepykoala · 26-30, F
invisible woman? haha
lululululula · 26-30, F
Palmela handersons lookin good
Hugosfbay · 26-30, M
[@682246,Boredboringgirl] 😣 shut up!
lululululula · 26-30, F
We all gotta go sometime 😣
Hugosfbay · 26-30, M
[@682246,Boredboringgirl] you more time
Cannabro · 31-35, M
[image=] my lover for tonight.
Stray4life · 26-30, F
[@6728,Cannabro] 🌮🍌🍆🍒🥜🌭🥗🥃

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