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Would you want to be cloned?
Have all your memories transferred into the new you?
31-35, F
16 replies
Jan 25, 2018
smmartydude · 31-35, M
And possibly live forever? Yes, please!
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
No. This world is too finite. I hunger for what lies beyond.
FishingTech · 31-35, M
The Sixth Day kind of clone, or Star Wars?
AnneHoney · 31-35, F
Chinese just cloned a monkey, so a human is possible and will probably happen soon. One for spare parts when yours fail? Like The Island? Or one to take over in your place when you die?[@675073,FishingTech]
Hmmm ... would she take care of homework for me?
Highonheels · 46-50, M
Even if they could clone your body the only thing they could never clone is your soul so it wouldn’t truely be you, but yea it would be cool to make a clone of yourself at a younger age like say 20-25 then later on in your life if you were to die you could have all of your mental characteristics transferred into the clone then just keep repeating the process technically you would pretty much be immortal but then again I’m not sure I’d want to keep reliving my life over and over again.
artistinresidence · 46-50, M
are you watching the new netflix series "carbon"? they discuss this issue. it sounds fascinating what the implications of it are.
artistinresidence · 46-50, M
good point. i hear politicians say that if you want to earn more money you need a college degree. that is true. but we still need plumbers, technicians,, bakers, mechanics. and they need to earn a living wage. they have dignity of work and skills. do they deserve cloning?[@557376,AnneHoney]
AnneHoney · 31-35, F
We need vocational schools and apprenticeships. Hell plumbers and electricians make more than avg college grads
artistinresidence · 46-50, M
yes. we need a lot more vocational schools [@557376,AnneHoney]
Degbeme · 61-69, M
The world doesn`t need to go through that twice. :p
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