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Will New Zealand beat Peru
18-21, F
27 replies
Nov 15, 2017
Loulou · 46-50, F
Yes with a big stick
pedrohedgerow · 56-60, M
what at?
Well hell yes NZ will. There is only one shire. The Misty mountains are not in Peru. Neither is Rivendell. And while I have not been to Peru I'll bet the Elven tongue is not spoke well there . Incan perhaps. May be even some Mayan. The snow covered mountains that form a mountain pass over the Mines of moria. Not in Peru.
Peru loses on all accounts. They may have mountains- just the wrong ones.
beat them at what? are those 2 countries at war?
Waxfoot · 51-55, M
Well we know now, sorry for the kiwis but the always win the rugby
Uncfred · 61-69, M
You have the All Blacks, number one in world rugby, what more could you want. As an Englishman and rugby addict, can you imagine what your countryman do for NZ.
rickoo164 · 51-55, M
if it's at rugby no doubt, they will But will France beat Japan..??
Uncfred · 61-69, M
[@402458,rickoo164] You could be in for a shock with Japan, remember last world cup?
rickoo164 · 51-55, M
[@523681,Uncfred] yes I remember...
walabby · 61-69, M
Good chance.. :)
rickoo164 · 51-55, M
Are you an all black fan, right ? are you from New Zealand ?
curiousaboy · 22-25, M
why do you say that? do you have any reason, somekind of findings
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