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Are you a tall bossy woman?
26-30, M
16 replies
Aug 24, 2017
This message was deleted by the author of the main post.
Builderbitch · 31-35, F
It's odd that I'd find this question staring at me as soon as I opened this page because...Yes I am!!
Builderbitch · 31-35, F
tall enough
CrazyKitten · 26-30, M
[@512880,Builderbitch] im six feet so you'd not step all over me =D
CrazyKitten · 26-30, M
[@518653,CrazyKitten] or would you?
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
That'd be my neighbor....
Thanos · 26-30, M
Not really
newgirl · 51-55, F
Nope. Not tall or bossy.
MrBlueSky · M
Not tall but bossy. 😺 I'm a BAWSE!!!
CrazyKitten · 26-30, M
[@425079,MsAnnThropy] how short are you then?
[@518653,CrazyKitten] 5' 7"
CrazyKitten · 26-30, M
[@425079,MsAnnThropy] Well not like you'd walk all over me.. then? :P
Dixiechick · F
I'm tall and bossy! 😂😂😂
CrazyKitten · 26-30, M
[@417592,Dixiechick] youre not
Dixiechick · F
[@518653,CrazyKitten] If you say so! Hey you have a twin here!
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