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I Love Sex
Tonight she chose a very snug Olga one piece Briefer - like a once piece swim suite in beige with one significant feature I love which is that the ride splits open completely when she wants me to open the three hook and eye fasteners there. Full and total access to her best bits. Now she does not need to wear a briefer - her body is magnificent but these things are snug and they sculpt her wonderful form delightfully. In the morning we will wake early and make love - and when she is aroused I will undo those hook and eye fasteners and provide my mouth to her until she has cum and only then will I mount her - I am looking forward to it quite a lot actually. I LOVE my Wife, she is an amazing woman
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pdqsailor1 · M
An update - we did wake early this morning and the briefer was not beige - it was pure white. Foreplay was delightful and when she wanted more and moved on her back I slipped a pillow under her bottom that I had covered with a plush towel. Before I went to undo the three hook and eye fasteners I nuzzled her gently with my mouth and was amazed at how moist she had become on her vulva - it was radiating heat though the fabric and so I gently undid those fasteners to open the briefer and expose her. She tastes delicious and I honestly could happily spend hours nibbling away at her but it does not take very long for her to cum and then she makes me stop. This morning before we started I had slipped on a vibrating penis ring - a Lelo Bo. When she made me stop eating her, I rose from being between her legs and put some lubricant over my glans and down the shaft of my penis so insertion would be more comfortable tor her and as I placed my glans at the entrance of her vagina she moved towards me to insert my penis within her and with it now in her I paused to turn on the vibrator. It vibrates externally over her clitoris and also makes the shaft of my penis vibrate as we make love which stimulates the portion of her dlitoris that runs down either side of her vulva. These one piece briefers really are ideal lingerie to wear while making love as they provide her with comfort yet are so practical with access - they are perfect for a sexually active Woman to wear. Men who learned how to open a bra strap will have no problems opening the fasteners at her crotch to get to the reward that lays below that fabric. I LOVE my Wife.

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