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It's not about having a religion, it's about experiencing God

We can experience Him ourselves
56-60, M
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Oct 2, 2019
AnonymousJSS · 18-21, F
Too bad your God isn't real
Emosaur · M
[@722316,TheWildEcho] There are deities way older than the one you believe in. How do you know they're not real?
TheWildEcho · 56-60, M
[@10662,Emosaur] older than the creator of the world?
Emosaur · M
[@722316,TheWildEcho] Excuse my poor choice of words. Let me rephrase:
People have come up with gods long before yours was invented.
NeloAngelo · 22-25, M
there's more than a fair few former priests out there that would disagree with you.
TheWildEcho · 56-60, M
[@472133,NeloAngelo] they probably never really knew Him
Success · 22-25, F
One cannot experience what aims to stay undetectable.
One can only enjoy one's belief- therefore one's religion.
JBird · F
Whatever that works for you. Make sure you do good with it. I have seen people doing wrong in the name of God.
[@917702,JBird] Sadly, I've seen that, too, but we can't be sure they are really followers of God. If they are true Christians, they won't want to go about doing wrong. Unfortunately, there are phonies out there, which reflects on those who are trying to do their best. And then you have some, who for some reason, think they are doing right, but make terrible decisions. This goes for many people in many situations though, too, not just in this situation.
Peaches · F
[@917702,JBird] Me too, 😔there are many that hide behind religion.
It is [b]absolutely[/b] about experiencing God. Religion has NOTHING to do with it. That's just man-made philosophy, and even Jesus rebuked those who were playing the "religious" game, but had no heart whatsoever for God. [c=#BF0000]It is totally and literally impossible to have a relationship with Jesus, until you experience Him and His saving transformational grace, personally. [/c]
Peaches · F
Amen my brother! ♥️😇🌟
Carazaa · F
He changes you!
Maximusmax · M
100% true
Emosaur · M
Too bad your god can't exist separately from religion.
TheWildEcho · 56-60, M
[@10662,Emosaur]religion had separated itself from God
. I'm sure you will realise that what goes on in the name of those religions you mentioned has nothing to do with God
You will never experience God simply by following a religion, you will only experience Him by entering into a personal relationship with Him through Jesus, and by accepting His offer of forgiveness. It's entirely up to you , you can either accept or reject Him.
Emosaur · M
[@722316,TheWildEcho] You can't separate deities from their religion. [b][u]Period[/u][/b].
TheWildEcho · 56-60, M
[@10662,Emosaur] well it doesn't matter really, you still can't experience God fully simply by following a religion

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