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The Law of God
The great principles of God's law are embodied in the Ten Commandments and exemplified in the life of Christ. They express Go'ds love, will, and purposes concerning human conduct and relationships and are binding upon all people in every age. These precepts are the basis of God's covenant with His people and th standard in God's judgment. Through the agency of the Holy Spirit they point out sin and awaken a sense of need for a Saviour. Salvation is all of grace and not of works, but its fruitage is obedience to the Commandments. This obedience develops Christian character and results in a sense of well-being. It is an evidence of our love for the Lord and our concern for our fellow men. The obedience of faith demonstrates the power of Christ to transform lives, and therefore strengthens Christian witness.

[b]God's law is an eternal expression of His love and will. It is the basis both for His covenant of salvation with mankind and for the judgment. Christ's life demonstrates what perfect obedience to God's law is.[/b]
* His law is expressed in the Ten Commandments. Exodus 20:1-17
* His law expresses His love and will for people. John 15:12, Romans 13:8-10
* His law has not been done away with. Matthew 5:17-20
* The law is the basis of God's old and new covenants. Deuteronomy 28:1-14; Hebrews 8:8-10
* The law is the basis of the judgment. Ecclesiastes 12:13-14; James 2:8-12
* Christ's life perfectly exemplified obedience to God's law. Jihn 15:10
[i]Texts for further study:[/i]Matthew 22:36-40; Psalm 40:7-8

[b]The law points out our sinfulness and points us to our need of a Saviour. We cannot be saved by keeping the law, but when we realize that God has given us salvation, we will respond with thankful obedience.[/b]
* The law points out our sinfulness. Romans 3:20, 7:7
* When we see our sin, we turn to our Saviour. Romans 7:24-25
* We receive salvation through our Saviour, not by our works. Ephesians 2:8-10
* God writes His law on our hearts, and this leads us to cheerful obedience. Hebrews 8:10
* Obedience develops Christian character and well-being. Psalm 19:7-14
* Through obedience we demonstrate God's power and show our loyalty to Him. Romans 8:3-4; 1 John 5:3
* Our obedience is a testimony to the world. 2 Corinthians 3:2-3
[i]Texts for further study[/i]John 16:7-10; Revelation 14:12

[b]Personal Application[/b]
* What would the world be like if there were no laws?
* What light does the life of Jesus shed on God's law?
* Why did God write the Ten Commandments in stone?
* God's law gives me guidelines for my life to direct me away from the pit of sin. Even though it points out my sinfulness, it does not discourage me because it also points me to my Saviour.

* Father, Your law has brought me to recognize my sinfulness. I accept Your law as binding today. I see my need for a Saviour to forgive me and empower me to live obediently. I commit myslf to living for Jesus as a testimony to Your love and power.
46-50, M
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May 16, 2019
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[@526185,RippinKlouds] Somebody's panties are wet
Abbenthewolf · 13-15, M
But I'm not under the law. But under Grace. For if by being under the law of the 10 commandments if u break one u have broken all. I'm not of the Jewish faith. And do remember this the coming of the Christ in which they rejected yet was one of their own. And did crucified him. And u can say all u want that the Roman's did it. Yet the guilt is own their hands and that of their children s children also. Let his blood b on our hands so it is written.. I have no love of such a wicked religious organisation bcuz that's all it is. An organization. No such human created that is called Jew. ✌️
Abbenthewolf · 13-15, M
[@915083,BiblicalWarrior] yes I did. U just didn't accept it Sorry. I have to go to bed. Bless u bye
BiblicalWarrior · 46-50, M
[@1088,Abbenthewolf] Does that mean you are therefore free to leave the courthouse, get in your car, and speed again? I saw no answer from you to this question. Typical avoidance tactic. Failing to answer a simple question because you don't want to be held accountable.
Abbenthewolf · 13-15, M
[@915083,BiblicalWarrior] no I have to go to bed now. Do u understand me.? I don't have car I don't own anything but my phone. And my words. I have to go to school. Goodnite.

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