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Is there such a thing as a legalistic church that KNOWS it is legalistic?
Or is it usual for someone to spout 4 or 5 lines of EXTREME legalism and than say something like, "That's not legalism, that's Scripture."?
41-45, M
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Feb 20, 2018
Dewkissedrose · 41-45, F
I don't think so. I would think they would more say they are "Ultra conservative" or something along those lines...
purplepen · 46-50, F
Legalism goes with classic denial and scapegoating.
rckt148 · 56-60, M
I am tired ,I have a headache ,but for you I will give you some info I hope can help you answer your own question ,maybe even teach you something you didn't know
I hope this helps to show why there is so much error on the church
People seem to prefer lies over truth
and I am sorry about the length ,if you really want to understand
it takes study and a few lines are not going to teach you anything
so I did try my best to make this as short as I know how ,,
it really needs to be studied ,not just read

there is a difference in things still required by God and legalism
as opposed to traditions kept in the place of Gods law ,man actually opposing God
Take time to look at Col 2:14
compare it to Deut 31 :24 until the end of that chapter
then tell me
did one jot or tittle of Gods law and His prophets change at the cross ?
or is Col 2 the book of law handwritten by Moses that did end at the cross
most don't have clue ,they know the traditions they have been taught
they do not have a clue who had attempted to Change Gods Law
in the end ,His will know which is which and know better
and NO one is putting them under anything (your trying to put me back under the curse of the law ,the commandments ended at the cross ,,,that is a lie from hell
Gods law was never changed ,that is a lie of a Church
but Dan 7:25 warned it was going to happen
that is why we are told to study and prove what is Holy and acceptable to God
We have been warned ,man ,satan and a false messiah were going to lead Gods church astray
Your traditions of men have made the word of God of no effect
you have a form of Godliness ,but no power in you
Like sheep to the slaughter you have all gone astray
there is a way to man that seems right in his own eyes ,but its end is destruction ,,,we need to know Gods way ,or you will take the image of the beast
you will put its law over Gods and there by already have the mark of the beast
A lady who said she speaks for God tells me "He said it is a literal mark ,I am not buying the goofy pill you are selling ...
I beg her to read it again ,it says its number (666 is his title ,its the number of one man ,,so call him by Gods title ,call him Holy Father or the only mediator between man and God )Its name ,,,attach yourself to a religion God is going to say "Come out of her my people and be ye separate )
Or its Image ,Keep the traditions of a Church over Gods law ,,if you do
than you have taken on her image ,,any of the 3 will blot your name from the book of life ,that is not legalism ,that a warning from God
Read Dan 7 and know the beast of Daniel and the same ones as seen by John
Rev 13 ,,the interpretation is in Rev 17 ,,but don't take my word
Please ,,Look it Up ,,,our salvation really is at stake
the church does not know ,nor do they seem to care ,but I told you to look for yourself ,,I did just give an account as to what I believe
its not my job to make people like it
The commandments did not end at the cross ,look up who brags they changed Gods law ,then not only will you know I did not make this up ,and who your beast if revelations is ,,,,Which laws did they actually change ?
I'll give you a hint ,its 3 of them ,,,a man did it ,not God
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