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Spirituality & Religion

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I am a theist, ask me anything
Please at least try to keep it about theism though. I will prioritize those questions but will try to answer other questions as well.
22-25, M
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Jan 3, 2018
VoloProVeritas62 · 61-69, M
I'm a Born Again Christian. Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?
VoloProVeritas62 · 61-69, M
[@430704,TheMorningsStar] Jesus said in John 3:3 that unless we are born again, no one can see the kingdom of God. 3:5 says that unless we are born of water and the Spirit, we cannot enter the kingdom God. 3:6 says, that which is born of flesh is flesh and that which is born of Spirit is spirit. In other words, you had a physical birth, now you need a Spiritual birth in order to know the Word of God and God Himself. Without the Spirit of God dwelling in you, you're never going to accurately interpret His Word. There's only one interpretation of the Bible, if you will, and that belongs to God Himself, not man.
TheMorningsStar · 22-25, M
And this is ultimately the flaw of the Born Again movement compared to earlier Christian movements. When pushed into a corner it has become practice to say that you need to become "born again" in order to PROPERLY understand the Bible (aka, you need to believe already in order to find the Bible consistent enough for belief). For CENTURIES before this point the Christian movement acknowledged that the Bible contained its flaws but still managed to convince people of Christianity despite that, even during and after the Enlightenment.
VoloProVeritas62 · 61-69, M
[@430704,TheMorningsStar] It's not me that says it, it's the Word of God. There are religious people out there that claim to be Christian when in reality, they are ravenous wolves in sheep's clothing. There true believers in Christ that are not ravenous wolves that lovers of God and lovers of His Word. Don't take my word for it, look it up.
HipYoungDude · 22-25, M
Do you enjoy butt secks?
TheMorningsStar · 22-25, M

Who doesn't?
Xuan12 · 26-30, M
What kind of theist are you?
TheMorningsStar · 22-25, M
I believe that multiple pantheons exist. The Greek, Roman, Canaanite, etc. No single religion in history had it entirely right, but many had seen parts of what was there and mistook it for the whole.

I actually respect the Ancient Greeks in this regard as they held belief that there existed gods they didn't know about yet.
Xuan12 · 26-30, M
[@430704,TheMorningsStar] So, you're kind of an omnitheist then?
TheMorningsStar · 22-25, M

Not entirely, otherwise I would think Scientology was onto something (and no, they are idiots) or any number of weird beliefs that originated. It is why I use the term "theist" as a description instead of any other term, I haven't yet seen a term that properly matches what I believe.
Jackaloftheazuresand · 22-25, M
Are you also a digimon?
TheMorningsStar · 22-25, M

I wish...
$20 says 99% of those on SW don't have a clue what theism is---unless they look it up---and odds are---most won't.
hlpflwthat · M
[@539720,anythingoes477] I think you mean 99% don't gaf?
[@430704,TheMorningsStar] The single being detrement to being a religion.
[@501695,hlpflwthat] Gosh thanks for repeating what I just said.
KelseyR · 18-21, F
Why don't theists consider the other possibility: that nature has always existed and has always been in motion; that nature could even provide immortality of a sort? Why favour the magical/supernatural explanation?
TheMorningsStar · 22-25, M

I can't speak for all theists, but for me it is because of personal experience.

I posted something about this a while back, but it is possible for people to know something without being able to share said knowledge.

If you have studied the philosophy of the mind I am sure you will have heard of something called a "P-Zombie". Now, I do not know whether YOU have consciousness or if you are a P-Zombie. YOU, if you have consciousness, do know the answer to this, it is something that you KNOW, but it is 100% impossible to share that knowledge with other people. Everyone would have to "take it on faith" that you are not a P-Zombie.

As such, I don't believe I have to ability to convince anyone of theism, though I do hold onto it due to anecdotal evidence.
KelseyR · 18-21, F
[@430704,TheMorningsStar] Mention of P-zombie reminds me of World War Z (the movie).

I find it odd that experiential knowledge is sometimes the reason- since a possibility is being overlooked here, too. It could be that the mind is just manufacturing these experiences in response to desire.

And everyone has an inner voice: it being the product of learnt language.
TheMorningsStar · 22-25, M

While it is true that "experiential knowledge"/anecdotal evidence can be "bad evidence" due to a number of factors, it is still a form of evidence to the one having said experience. This is especially important considering how without relying on you "experiential knowledge" you wouldn't even be able to believe that there was a reality around you.

While anecdotal evidence is able to be mistaken it is the first line of evidence everyone must use in order to move beyond the viewpoint of solipsism. Hell, in order to even collect information in order to "test" your anecdotal evidence you still have to use your own senses.

It is quite literally the first line between you and reality, and thus it tends to have the greatest impact on oneself.
Doomflower · 31-35, F
Why do you believe in god(s)?
TheMorningsStar · 22-25, M

My reasons are all anecdotal, based on what I have seen, experienced, etc. I am not sure how detailed you want it, so I will leave it at this for now.
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