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I Get Maintenance Spankings
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Soxs45 · 22-25, M
Definitely the worst I agree
SW User
Who invented such a non sense as "maintenance spankings"?
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updown2020 · 56-60, M
What makes a maintenance spanking worse than a regular spanking. Yes I understand you are getting spanked for no reason at all.
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nevergiveup · 61-69, M
i dont believe in it you should only be spanked when you are bad
philipp · M
I think its cruel.
I think these are just plain wrong what is the point in behaving
dan177 · 26-30, M
How bad are they?? Seems kinda mean, hope they atleast help your behavior!
updown2020 · 56-60, M
How are you maintenance spanked?
th3r0n · 36-40, M
I honestly can't agree with those...
Joedirt88 · M
Seem unfair. Are they hard spanks?
wunderluv · 51-55, M
Why are maintenance spankings so bad?
th3r0n · 36-40, M
[@4302,wunderluv] I cant agree with them, spanking a child or young woman should be specifically for punishment, unless it is a romantic relationship with a woman that consents to your authority and wishes to indulge in dominance play or the like.
Fishing65 · 51-55, M
Do you still get maintenance spankings?
SassyLittleSub · 41-45, F
I disagree. If your Sir is intuitive and knows when you need it, it can be incredibly helpful and grounding. I had a maintenance spanking today.... it was a pretty significant one, but Sir knew I was struggling with anxiety and it was what I needed. I am very grateful for it. I could literally feel the stress leaving my body, and as I walked around today, feeling the twinges of a good, hard spanking, I was constantly reminded that I am my Sir's and my thoughts remained where they should be. In fact, I was extremely motivated and got a ton done today!
th3r0n · 36-40, M
[@794613,SassyLittleSub] that may work in a relationship with a sexual dominance dynamic but her maintenance spankings are from parents.

I feel the two are different in many aspects, and that maintenance spankings from parents aren’t a good thing at all.
SassyLittleSub · 41-45, F
[@517919,th3r0n] I would have to agree with you there. I think the premise behind it can still work (as far as keeping bad behaviors or thoughts in check), but I do NOT agree with parents spanking adult or older children at all.
th3r0n · 36-40, M
[@794613,SassyLittleSub] I don’t take issue with that if they’re misbehaving, but after 13 the punishments should be much more severe than for a child and be something that is avoided like the plague and rare if they’re not acting terrible.
This message was deleted by its author.
RyanVersaw · M
A child should be spanked in a regular fashion. People are raised rather than maintained. These regular spankings meant to bring you back to your child so that you can look at your pain and remember what you were taught are the best not the worst. When and where would you like to be spanked for I love you.

I am a man.
JoelC707 · M
I'm curious what your thoughts are about this? I know you said it's the worst kind so I can imagine. Do you think they are warranted or help in any way? I'm genuinely curious to know what you think.
RyanVersaw · M
Nothing is maintained. We are straight so long as we are held and taught to hold. Bare your bottom for me for you are naughty bare your bottom end get over my knee for I am man
SonofVirginia · 41-45, M
Do you still get maintenance spankings?
tindrummer · M
I got them weekly
th3r0n · 36-40, M
Honest feeling about it, if you're talking about actual discipline, maintenance spanking seems just unfair

If one did something super bad I could see spanking once or even several times a day for a week, or more or less, rather than one punishment that would have to leave awful bruises to be sufficient in itself, but just spanking to keep you submissive, I feel like that's only appropriate between romantic couples and not fair to do to someone simply being disciplined
tindrummer · M
[@517919,th3r0n] Helps reduce the # of punishment spankings
th3r0n · 36-40, M
[@400948,tindrummer] it doesn't feel like leading gently

Sometimes strong force is needed, but to lead gently is to use as little force as you can while accomplishing the goal

Sometimes, that's still a lot, but you don't want it to be

Spanking can only do so much, forcing someone to listen and providing a consequence

What you say when they're listening and how you lead is the big deal, but you need to force them to submit if they won't willingly, and that can be rough if they're stubborn, but it doesn't have to be

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