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Who Will Become The New US President??
Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump
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Well tomorrow is a big day for all you Americans as tomorrow will determine weather the blond headed parasite Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will become the new US President. I hope for all of you that Trump does not become the new President because he is one of the biggest scumbags I have ever seen on TV. If there ever was to be a world war 3 you bet that jackass would start it. I have seen his policies and they suck. He is making enemies left right and centre. If Trump gets in to power it wont be long before he is assassinated like John F Kennedy was if he continues to upset people but unlike Kennedy who got an airport in Queens New York named after him. Trump will be lucky to have a toilet block name after him. Hillary Clinton is not a good choice either but out of the 2 I would vote for her any day.
22-25, M
9 replies
Nov 7, 2016
hopefully a potted plant
TheBluePrince · 22-25, M
Lol very true 😆
I agree with you 100%. But i'm European, so I can't vote.
TheBluePrince · 22-25, M
@Trooper. Same here I am British so I can't vote but I have cousins who are American and the older ones will be voting Hillary Clinton they told me over Skype last night
@DarkNight: Agreed, and he's a racist too. But he will get a lot of votes i'm sure. I'm still afraid to put a bet on him losing. But hopefully he does lose.
TheBluePrince · 22-25, M
@Trooper I have no doubt he will get alot of votes but know the stuff with him touching up women and young girls has come to light, its a safe bet that most of the women of the USA will be voting for Hillary.

If Trump does some how get in to power then that will be America finished
coary987 · M
@DemonKing: no it won't give him a chance
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