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I have a question.......are u a racist ?
馃檪 I saw a segment on CBS News the other day, called Racists Anonymous. It was a group of people who decided to come out and talk about their own personal prejudices. And how they were gonna change their ways.
It was a real touching segment there, that most mainstream media outlets would not even touch. I wanna know though. Are you a racist. I mean seriously, are you. If so, then why. And.....
Do you know someone who is. Answer below. 馃檪
36-40, M
59 replies
Nov 1, 2016
Edited: 3 yrs ago
autumn2526-30, F
I think many people hold prejudice thoughts about others.
Zonuss36-40, M
But at what level.
autumn2526-30, F
@Zonuss: it depends on the person.
Zonuss36-40, M
@EyeCandy23: It depends on how much hate, and what your intentions are towards people of other races, colors, and creeds.
SW User
I'm not racist at all. My ex husband was, for 21 yrs he tried to convert me as a racist but never managed too, another ex was also talking always against black ppl.

I believe that I have so much to learn from everyone. Where they are from or shade of skin color simply doesn't matter to me.. I love who a person is, their personality, values, views of life. No I don't like everyone. But it has nothing to do with race but with personality.
Zonuss36-40, M
Well said.
SW User
I am not. But I know plenty who are in real life.
Zonuss36-40, M
SW User
@Zonuss: unfortunately Yes. Boils down to ignorance.
I think rascism might be a historical psychological thing maybe. In the ancient times, different races, were, well different. We would have been very wary of each other at all times.
I think stereotyping is a natural and that rascism is a defensive form of this for people who have not quite evolved into the modern world psychologically yet....
Zonuss36-40, M
I think its something that is taught. Something that is engrained. Something that people become accustomed to.
carpediem61-69, M
The word has no meaning any longer. By definition, a person who believes a particular race is superior to another. But today you can be accused of being racist for wanting secure borders, or safe neighborhoods.
Zonuss36-40, M
@carpediem: Its not whining. Its about trying to connect the present with the past. Often times these issues come back to haunt us after racism rears its ugly head again but in a modern day form. Youd have to be them to understand what they are going through.
carpediem61-69, M
@Zonuss: No I do not. I do not need to open the borders because someone else feels bad. I have no issues with Hispanic or as you say, Latin people. None.

I do however, have an issue with someone who enters my country illegally. I don't care if that person is Hispanic, German, Irish, Somali, or Mork from Ork. It has nothing to do with their race. I don't feel superior over them due to their race. I simply want them to follow legal channels to enter the country.

That is NOT being racist. Anyone who could possibly consider it so, is in my opinion, a disingenuous boob looking to start trouble.
Zonuss36-40, M
@carpediem: Cool.馃檪
I saw that episode, found it very interesting. I don't think I am. I certainly don't think any race is superior or inferior to the others.
Zonuss36-40, M
That's good Bijoux.
thinkincubes36-40, M
I hate a lot of things, but I don't think I've ever even disliked someone for the colour of their skin. There's plenty of other actually valid reasons to do that.
puck6156-60, M
I'm not a racist. I'm a human being who, through life experiences, has come to believe that certain groups of people....certain demographics.....are less appealing to me than others. I've also noticed the differences between Sweden and Somalia and the implications thereof. It's not a matter of superiority. It's a matter of personal preference and general observation. Liberia, in my opinion, is a political experiment that revealed a tendency..... a predisposition....that I've accepted as part of my belief system. There are certain religions, cultures, and races that I would prefer not to have around me. In my opinion, diversity is our strength, but multiculturalism could be our downfall.
carpediem61-69, M
@Zonuss: Not for long. People want the American dream of freedom and opportunity. Globalization will detract from our freedoms. Assimilation is our strength. Really it's what created the opportunity to prosper. And it's what created the greatest country on earth. Coming together, not living separately in the same space. Globalization creates division. Assimilation creates unity.

Diversity, as Puck described it, is a strength only when we are one nation. Not many nations living under one government. The same notion is why the EU won't make it long term.
Zonuss36-40, M
@carpediem: They can make it under the right leadership. Get rid of the isms and we do just fine. Like communism, capitalism, totalitarianism, and so on and so on.
carpediem61-69, M
@Zonuss: What? LOL. That's pure nonsense. Come on, stick with actual answers.
SerenitiesScars31-35, M
Prejudice is the true problem in the world. It carries all forms of branches. Whether it be by Age, Race, Class, etc... Prejudice effects all of humanity. I've been spit on for being White. My dad got it even worse than me and had actually been pissed on before. It doesn't mean you suddenly become racist back towards people though.. You just lose respect for them when you see it happening repeatedly towards yourself and your kin by the same group of instigators.. But then time heals and there are those who fall in the same groups category who restore your faith in that group as the proper representatives and helping you put things back into proper perspective on humanity as a whole again...
Zonuss36-40, M
Racism affects everyone. So if you see someone or hear someone using a racial slur, then let them know. Its not right. I think holding people accountable for their actions is the key.
All depends on the sliding scale of racism these days. Many believe you are racist simply for existing, which is in and of itself completely racist. We live in an upside down world. Assuming you mean what was once universally defined as being racist 20 years ago or a *classical* racist.. no I'm not.
Zonuss36-40, M
So you are saying you have some issues that you deal with concerning people of a different shade than you. 馃檪
@Zonuss: no.. lol.. I have issues with social justice warrior activists.
Zonuss36-40, M
@coppercoil: Like who. Black Lives Matter.

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