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Is the "N-word" really a bad word?
It comes from the Spanish word "negro" meaning "black". To believe that it's a bad word, I need a reason other than "because people get pissy about it". EDIT: I will be respectful to you if you're respectful ...
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22-25, M
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InvaderNice · 22-25, M
I was hoping you could tell me that.
blackrainbow · 26-30, F
how about it was used by white people to demean and disparage an entire race.

if that's not enough, then there's no hope for you or your feeble mind.
blackrainbow · 26-30, F
InvaderNice · 22-25, M
@blackrainbow: Sorry you're upset.
blackrainbow · 26-30, F
silentkillx2 · 22-25, F
Of course it is dumbass
InvaderNice · 22-25, M
@silentkillx2: Yes.

Fuck = a sexual act not to be mentioned around children.

Bitch = referring to women as dogs.

Cunt = a sexual body part not to be mentioned in daily conversation.

Shit = excrement of the body, not to be mentioned in daily conversation.

I expect someone to tell me why the N word is bad.

I will not stfu.
silentkillx2 · 22-25, F
@InvaderNice: and people already told why its a bad word read your replys and the N word is an offensive term that should not be used just like those words as well theres your answer
InvaderNice · 22-25, M
@silentkillx2: So far, no one has offered facts.
Xuan12 · 31-35, M
Don't pretend not to understand.
InvaderNice · 22-25, M
Okay I won't pretend... And I still don't understand.
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
Has been uttered while people of color were murdered. That's enough for me. Bad, bad vibes.
PinkMoon · 22-25, F
Words often go far beyond their traditional meaning. Whilst the dictionary definition may seem harmless its use has been charged with prejudiced attitudes. It was used as a way to demean and dehumanize black people so the connotation is one that brings up a hurtful history. The African-American community has however attempted to reclaim the word by changing the connotation from a negative one to a positive one. There is huge debate about who can and cannot use it but ultimately people will use whatever language they please. It's just important to remember the historical background that led to the contentious nature of the word.
They don't like it when white people call them it, that's good enough for me.
I don't get it when one 'N' can call his same ethnic friend 'N' in return and it's acceptable. If a Caucasian guy calls a ethnic a 'N' he is considered racially abusive.
The connotations are very different coming from a person of colour. You can bet that they don't mean it in a derogatory way.
@AmbivalentFriability: I don't agree ...

[quote]The connotations are very different coming from a person of colour. You can bet that they don't mean it in a derogatory way.[/quote]

By definition: "A member of a class or group of people who are systematically subjected to discrimination and unfair treatment" - "used as an insulting and contemptuous term for a member of any dark-skinned race

The widespread belief of the origin of the word itself was, by it's nature, defined "an ignorant person", which adds more contempt to it's origins other then the obvious. But surely; those who use the 'N' word amongst one another is a negative and wouldn't this mean they are calling themselves ignorant given the nature and meaning of the word? If they don't mean it in a derogatory sense, then how come they know exactly when it IS derogatory?

They have taken offense to an offensive word, will NOT accept it's use and yet now to make it's use exclusive for themselves AND consider it none-offensive. How does that make any sense?

I don't get it.
PLAYA · 36-40, M
rottenrobi · 51-55, F
Only if white people say it, and I'm fine with that. It's not a word, I've ever been comfortable with. I don't care about it's origin, its what it's evolved into. Kind of like the confederate flag.

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