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While married to Melania?? What about his Christian values?
36-40, F
+ 0 47 replies 82 views Oct 28, 2016 |
carpediem · M
The guy has good taste. So...?
Clemency · 36-40, F
So presidential...
carpediem · M
@Clemency: Yes.... [b]MUCH[/b] better to scam the public by selling influence and access, threaten the national security of the country by having a private server in a bathroom for the nation's business, and lie about everything from getting shot at to wiping her server with a cloth.

I'll take the guy who likes beautiful women.

Oh... and Bill Clinton... need I say more? Christian values? Really? LOL
Clemency · 36-40, F
@carpediem: Doesn't look like you'll be getting your wish.
I think most guys say the same thing when they're out of the public eye
This message was deleted by its author.
HypnoKitten · 36-40, M
@satanburger: Mmm so that's a separate issue that I wasn't going to touch on anymore since it's been discussed to death. This is about what he was doing on the set of the Apprentice, in front of everyone including the crew, and separate from what was being staged for the show. With the reminder that the contestants were business and marketing majors competing for corporate business jobs, not starlets trying to get their moment of fame - not that the later would be ok (casting couches are also illegal, though I agree that it's more overlooked there as long as it's being kept non obvious and consensual).

But for all effects and purposes this was a series of corporate job interviews, and humiliating female contestants while holding lucrative jobs and million-dollar NDA lawsuits over their head if they wanted to fight back.

Also, as I have said in many posts, I have zero problem with prostitution and sex for money/power/whatever, that's between those consenting to that. If he wanted to hire a whole party bus to grab by the V, or set up a TV show on Playboy called 'who can give me wood' I could care less. The problem is when someone like you thinks you are going to a job interview. You stand next to a guy with equal skills. And the person making the hiring decision effectively says 'I want to F- you', and (because you are an intelligent woman) you realize the simple implication that if you want the job you'll spread your legs, otherwise the other guy gets it. And you have a dozen or two people standing around watching how you'll react or laughing. Two men going to an interview generally do not have to make that choice, do you really think it fair that if you went to a job interview (for your business skills) you'd have to figure out which pare of panties the CEO would like to see on you? Or that our mothers had to make choices like that and he kept it going through future generations?

(And before you ask yes, if that's went down with Bill and Monica then he's a a-hole too and I wouldn't have voted for him. Though that's harder to be sure if it was just an office affair or coerced like that.. but either way if he and Trump were the only two running now.. I won't say 'move to Canada' but I'd be heartbroken)

If you really want to talk about the bus instead we can... But I doubt there is anything new to be said there and everyone has already made their stance on that.
This message was deleted by its author.
lorne13 · 61-69, M
the guy's mentally ill give him a break
kbgloves01 · 70-79, M
So, 2 Corinthians walked into a bar...

He doesn't have any Christian values!
KaliKali · 31-35, F
The picture of him they use on the sign in the background looks like it was from the 80s or 90s.
SW User
who cares
Clemency · 36-40, F
@mikowee: Seems to be the problem of Trump supporters. This lunatic will never be elected.
SW User
i don't support him, but honestly idgaf about his personal life
Clemency · 36-40, F
@mikowee: I didn't accuse you of being a Trump supporter. I would never be so rude.
getmeouttahere · 31-35, F
They could have an open marriage.
Clemency · 36-40, F
Then he probably shouldn't judge others...
getmeouttahere · 31-35, F
If they agreed to sleep with other people? That's their decision. If I were her I would want an open marriage.
Clemency · 36-40, F
@getmeouttahere: I can't argue that.
[c=#BF0080]Who cares.[/c]
@Clemency: [c=#BF0080]I don't know nor do I care.
I'm not saying Trump didn't say that.. but it's a meme made up from social media. I don't take that kind of stuff too serious.[/c]
carpediem · M
@Clemency: LOL. No one gives a crap about a guy saying something edgy. Maybe you should focus on his policies instead. What do you disagree with there? Otherwise, you're just showing how shallow your concerns are.
This message was deleted by its author.
UncoolMother · 41-45, F
trump becoming president will be a goldmine for comedians all over the world
Clemency · 36-40, F
There's that.
MaryJanine · 61-69, F
The man is well-known for his dislike (hatred?) of women. He is demeaning one-hslf of the human race by thinking of women in those (deleted) terms. He has said (in not so many words) that he hates women and thinks they are only worthy of punishment. It gives me the distinct thought that he is battling Hilary not because she is his opponent...but because she is a woman.

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