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Study estimates 24 states still have uncontrolled coronavirus spread.
46-50, M
18 replies
May 23, 2020
Doomflower · 36-40, F
Oh well
MrBrownstone · 41-45, M
Polls say Hillary wins 2016 election by 99%
MrBrownstone · 41-45, M
[@903658,BelovedTed] You said study not science
BelovedTed · 46-50, M
[@1149,MrBrownstone] 😳 Busted!
windinhishair · 61-69, M
[@1149,MrBrownstone] And Hillary won the popular vote, exactly as predicted, and well within the margin of error.
MissTaken · 31-35, F
Clearly an excellent time to be relaxing lockdowns but I guess Americans must have the right for others to kill them
BelovedTed · 46-50, M
[@831692,MissTaken] liberty!
funstories69 · 61-69, M
And the GOP supporters want the freedom to make it worse! Also, why do they want to make sure they get right in everybody’s comfort zone? So weird!
BelovedTed · 46-50, M
[@1062793,funstories69] I’ve noticed that too. Their depravity knows no limit.
SmartKat · 56-60, F
[@1062793,funstories69] You know what to do if any MAGAt bully gives you flak about wearing a mask:

Lift it, and start [b]coughing[/b].
funstories69 · 61-69, M
windinhishair · 61-69, M
[b]MAGA Kills[/b]
SmartKat · 56-60, F
Which states? Link?
SmartKat · 56-60, F
[@903658,BelovedTed] Thx for the link, but it’s not letting me in without a login. And it seems they’ve gotten wise to Bugmenot.
SmartKat · 56-60, F

Here ya go:

“In 24 states, however, the model shows a reproduction number over 1. Texas tops the list, followed by Arizona, Illinois, Colorado, Ohio, Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, Alabama, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia, New Mexico, Missouri, Delaware, South Carolina, Massachusetts, North Carolina, California, Pennsylvania, Louisiana and Maryland.”
BelovedTed · 46-50, M
[@64306,SmartKat] How are they going to spin this? I think fudging the numbers for one...oldest trick in the book for authoritarian regimes, combined with the nonsense about more people dying if they didn’t open up.

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Study estimates 24 states still have uncontrolled ... | Politics | Similar Worlds