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This goes for any job with demanding physical labour tbh
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Jun 4, 2019
CountScrofula · 36-40, M Best Answer
100% couldn't agree more. Sex work is work that deserves to be treated with the same dignity and respect as any other form of labour. And the people who demonize it [i]are killing sex workers by doing so.[/i]
Thingschange4444 · 51-55, M
I have worked really very physically demanding jobs. I still kept my dignity. My heart goes out to young girls doing that for whatever reasons.
Azrael · F
[@454974,Perry4444] congratulations, you just proved my point (:
Thingschange4444 · 51-55, M
[@182738,Azrael] 🖒
JohnOlinger · 36-40, M
@Azrael So What Do You Think Of Jason Statham & Would You Do Him
JohnOlinger · 36-40, M
[@182738,Azrael] how about this one So What Do You Think Of Lenny Kravtiz & Would You Do Him
Azrael · F
[@182738,Azrael] looked him up, and no I wouldn't lol
Azrael · F
[@105699,JohnOlinger] nope
Selling cunt is easy to do. Lmao
Azrael · F
[@855148,RetroSweetie] bold of you to assume anyone would want to have sex with you, even "cheap" people (;
[@182738,Azrael] Hey, you’re the one trying to sell cunt. Hopefully you take food stamps 😂😂
Azrael · F
[@855148,RetroSweetie] not doing anything yet, but go off bitch 😌
SurprisePartyRegicide · 18-21, M
Very true.
Kingfish28 · 26-30, M
That's a hot take.
It’s easy to have sex for money. Working coal mines is not even comparable 😹
Azrael · F
[@503441,VomitingWords] and here we have another example 😌
Hiracious · F
How much are you charging? I wonder why so many would rather clean toilets than suck random dick. 🙄
[@182738,Azrael] you’re lazy lmao
Azrael · F
[@855148,RetroSweetie] oh am I? Why would you think that? Nothing wrong with getting some extra money on the side
[@182738,Azrael] good luck getting paid sweetie 🤷🏻‍♀️ Wear a glove lmao
SimplyTracie · 22-25, F
I guess my views are clouded. It’s not a fair comparison in my opinion.
One dies from Black Lung diseases and the other usually by suicide or maybe by drug addiction.

One chooses their occupation and the other is usually forced upon them.

One goes home, showers and feel clean and fresh. The other showers and their skin still crawls with yuck and won’t wash off.

One sells their souls to their paycheck and the other sells their soul to the devil.
Azrael · F
[@10970,SimplyTracie] if you call it a "sin" you're directly linking it to something bad. If you mention "devil" it means you're linking it to something you consider bad. Something cannot be linked to good/bad without judgement.

Not really, but you do. No one's condoning anything here, it's just telling people not to judge.
SimplyTracie · 22-25, F
[i][/i][@182738,Azrael] I’m more open minded than people would think. Because I wouldn’t do something you’re doing, doesn’t mean I think you’re a bad person. I just won’t condone it. And like Christ, I’d help you get away from porno if it’s your desire.

And yes, I personally believe that those who are engaged in these jobs are not going down the rightful path.

The word [i]sin [/i] is such a harsh word so I don’t like using it against others. Each person has to look within themselves and make their own judgment.

I think you’re wrong about something that is good/bad and that it leads to judgement. That’s not always true.
SimplyTracie · 22-25, F
[@624254,CountScrofula] Thank you for sharing the video. It hasn’t changed my views on sex work whether it be porno or stripping or plain ol’ prostitution.

But I understand their position on the current laws. For the men and women who are involved in the trade, it might just be just another job.

I think it’s takes a strong mental attitude for the women to keep doing what they’re doing. Maybe there is truth in the cliché that if you like sex, why not get paid for spreading yo legs. 🤷‍♀️
Selah ·
Theres no such thing as selling your body unless youre literally putting your organs on the black market lol &sex workers are more like freelancers & entrepreneurs than coal miners omg

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