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Should every democratically elected official be forced to insert a metal rod into their own anus?
I can't imagine that a difference would be made
21 replies
May 20, 2019
Emortal · M Best Answer
A hot metal rod.
[@492052,Emortal] probably not enough
Emortal · M
[@880089,GuyThatEvery1Seems2Hate] haha
TacoCat · 18-21, M
R u into that stuff
[@549553,TacoCat] am I into democratically officials being forced with a metal rod up their ass. That's a definite nope! That's something they're probably into!
BlueRain · 46-50, F
That would help?
[@468906,BlueRain] they're already full of shit, so I hope that the metal rod might force some shit out, but I don't believe it will
BlueRain · 46-50, F
Shaking my head.
Not room in Trump's ass for that. Putin's hand is up there moving his mouth.
[@880089,GuyThatEvery1Seems2Hate] IKR. Honesty and facts are like garlic to a vampire--if you are a cult member. lol lol lol lol lol I get it. You can't deal with it. lol lol lol Bye now
[@539720,anythingoes477] and so you reject my believes? I guess because you're using vampires as a compassionate, should I compare your beliefs to make-believe?
[@880089,GuyThatEvery1Seems2Hate] Not very educated,huh? "Belief" is how you spell the word...and "comparison" is the word you're looking for---not "compassionate". You should stop while you're ahead.
Abbenthewolf · 16-17, M
How abt inserting it in ur mouth until u chock and well just turn to dust. Yea that's it.
[@1088,Abbenthewolf] ??? What u mean?
Abbenthewolf · 16-17, M
[@880089,GuyThatEvery1Seems2Hate] stop hating that's all
[@1088,Abbenthewolf] but I hate everyone! That's like telling a shark to stop swimming

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